Handy Winter Driving Tips And Winter Tyres

Handy Winter Driving Tips And Winter Tyres


In the winter season, roads are cold and they may be covered with snow or black ice. Actually, driving in such road conditions is quite challenging. Several accidents take place in the winter season due to bad traction, fog, traffic jams, and improper driving.

In the winter season, you have to be extra cautious if you want to reach the destination safely. If you are ready to travel in the winter months, we have some beneficial tips for you.

Maintain proper distance:

Stopping distance on a wet surface is increased. Therefore, you require more space between your car and the car in front of you. So, maintain proper space.

Drive your vehicle slowly:

You have to run your vehicle slowly in the winter months. Snowy roads are often slippery and do not allow the tyres to make proper traction. As a result, you need to reduce your speed.

Ignore puddles of water:

Rainfall is frequent in the winter season in the UK. Therefore, you may find standing water during your journey. Avoid driving on these puddles and hydroplaning can occur.

Always travel under proper air pressure:

You have to make sure that you always travel under proper air pressure in your Tyres Fareham. It is a vital step since air pressure affects the handling and control of the vehicle.

You can use these driving tips to drive safely in the cold months but driving with appropriate tyres is the most important condition you must meet. These are the most common type of seasonal tyres that you need to utilize while struggling on snowy surfaces.

Winter tyres are essential on roads that are full of snow or ice. Moreover, these tyres are effective on cold roads when the temperature is below 7 Degrees.

Tyre makers make winter tyres by using more natural rubber and silica in the tyre material to provide proper elasticity. As a result, your winter tyres would show stiffness even when the temperature is near freezing point.

Winter tyres have a suitable tread pattern that is excellently able to disperse water when your vehicle crosses a puddle of water. Moreover, winter tyres have smaller grooves or sipes that are there to enhance grip and traction. They are also helpful in dispersing water from the tyre successfully.

Do you need winter tyres in cold weather?

In some regions of Europe, you are legally obliged to use winter tyres. In these countries, there is no question of using or not using winter tyres. In the UK, it is not a legal requirement to use them in cold months. But, many drivers buy winter tyres as they are more responsive in snow.

You have to note that rainfalls frequently take place in the UK during the autumn and winter seasons. Winter tyres are incredibly effective to cope with wet conditions. Thus, winter tyres are effective rain tyres as well.

Winter Tyres Fareham save you from aquaplaning in the winter season and they are experts in snow and ice as well.

Can you use all-season tyres as winter tyres?

Some drivers show their interest in all-weather tyres since they do not want to have two sets of tyres. It is indeed a wise approach. But you have to consider that all-season tyres are not experts in harsh cold weather. They are fine on mild snowy roads but when the conditions are out of control, you need just winter tyres.

What is the correct time to use winter tyres?

The correct time to use winter tyres is when the temperature drops below 7 degrees. In fact, there is not any specific date. It depends on your feel and comfort level. Keep an eye on the temperature and fit winter tyres when it reaches near the recommended level.

Is it possible to use two winter tyres?

No, it is not recommended. Actually, you should not mix tyres that are made for different seasons. Mixing two different types of tyres will affect handling. As a result, you will find yourself in more dangerous driving conditions.

Finally, winter tyres will perform excellently well during the winter season but you have to consider your own expectations and goals before you make a final decision. If you find yourself unable to find correct tyres, let your tyre dealer help you in this regard.

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