Got a motorcycle? Here’s how to prioritise safety on busy city streets

Got a motorcycle? Here’s how to prioritise safety on busy city streets

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There are many advantages to knowing how to ride a motorcycle. It’s synonymous with a sense of freedom, allows you better mobility and improves your reflexes. Some research suggests that riders have enhanced cognitive abilities, scoring higher than the general public in memory skills and spatial thinking. Moreover, the maintenance work associated with motorcycles is also not as pricey as the one needed for cars. So, with all these aspects in mind, it might seem that having a motorbike is one of the best things you could do. 

Are there truly no downsides? The most significant disadvantage is that motorcyclists have a higher risk of being involved in fatal car crashes. In the United Kingdom, statistics show that those riding a motorcycle are fifty times more likely to die in a road collision than car drivers. And while the number of casualties has decreased since the noughties, that doesn’t mean that you should underestimate the importance of taking the necessary safety precautions. 

Protective gear 

Riding a motorcycle in the city comes with several challenges due to the congested traffic and the countless distractions that can cause you to lose focus. It’s not just the cars and trucks you must be mindful of, but also the pedestrians, cyclists, and fellow motorbike riders. The basis of all safety measures is to wear the right gear that can keep you protected. A full-face helmet is crucial for your safety since it can defend you from all sides and offers perfect coverage. 

It is also the best option in case of impact, reducing the possibility of neck and head injuries. It makes riding an altogether more comfortable experience, as the helmet shields you from sun rays, exhaust fumes and insects. Although the classic models are all black, you can opt for something a little more colourful or flashier if you prefer that style. 

Some helmets come equipped with glow-in-the-dark patterns, a necessity if you have to ride later into the evenings or at night, as they allow you to be spotted from a distance. 


One of the most well-known pieces of advice for motorcycle riders is that you should ride as if you were invisible. This means you should always assume that others haven’t seen you and aren’t aware of your presence. We’ve already mentioned there are many distractions when going through the city. That doesn’t only apply to you but to others as well. 

It should be your priority to make your presence known in order to ensure your safety. You can achieve this by turning on the signals, getting loud pipes and ensuring the brake lights work. However, even with all the necessary protection, some drivers might still invade your privacy and cause a collision. If you’ve been involved in an accident you know was not your fault, you can contact

Working with specialist attorneys will allow you to receive the maximum compensation depending on the particularities of your case. The money can support you through your recovery period, especially if the accident caused you to take a significant amount off work, resulting in a loss of earnings. 

Bright colours 

Riding a motorcycle is typically associated with a clothing style that uses black leather as a staple. However, while it might not be your style, you should have at least one colourful piece on you when you’re on your bike. If you look around, you’ll notice that safety vests and parking cones, which are meant to draw your attention, feature strong, fluorescent shades. The same logic can apply to you and enable you to protect yourself. 

The best option is to wear a brightly-hued vest or jacket that can catch people’s eyes. It can be particularly beneficial during times of low visibility, such as around dusk or when it’s foggy outside. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a flaming red jacket or lime green vest, opt for a reflective item that you can wear on top of the usual outfit. 

Be assertive 

It’s essential to be assertive when you’re riding through the city. That doesn’t mean being aggressive, as you must avoid making reckless decisions, being brash or intimidating others on the road. Focus on riding responsibly and being safe within your surroundings. Staying assertive also involves following the rules, but you must keep your distance if you’re dealing with an erratic driver that doesn’t value safety. 

Moreover, just because others are aggressive in traffic doesn’t mean you have to follow their example. The roads are not a race, and you can put yourself in jeopardy. Neither you nor anyone else on the street is indestructible, and staying safe is more important than ego. So, even if someone wants to provoke you in traffic or has a belligerent attitude, refuse to become a part of it and stick to your rules. 

Road conditions 

Depending on how experienced you are, you must also be aware of your limits. If you’re not yet an experienced rider, avoid going through thick traffic during rush hour until you feel more confident. While practice makes perfect, it is sometimes better to steady yourself. 

Be mindful of construction work or any other things that could be blocking the roads. Urban roads go through many transitions, and in the busiest metropolises, there’s almost always some work going on somewhere. This comes with potholes, bumps and cracks in the road, which could pose a hazard to your safety. 

Gravel, steel and cobbled streets are also part of the regular city landscape, and while ubiquitous, you must still pay attention to them at all times. You must remain vigilant of all these aspects and assess your situation in a calm and collected manner. As such, avoid riding when you’re feeling tired, and don’t ride under the influence. 

Riding a motorcycle is fantastic. It looks cool, feels great and may even have some actual positive effects on your cognitive well-being. But to fully enjoy the experience, make sure you take safety into account at all times. You’ll be thankful for it.