From Toddlers To Kids: 4 Things Their Bedroom Will Need 

From Toddlers To Kids: 4 Things Their Bedroom Will Need 

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When your first child transitions from being a toddler and moves into their own bedroom, you may feel a bit perplexed about what they will need in their bedroom. After all, it is unlikely that they will be studying in the room any time soon, and they are also not likely to need a computer. So, what exactly do you put in there? 

A young child’s bedroom is simpler than most people presume, but it is still important to get it right to ensure that they feel comfortable sleeping in the space. This article will guide you through four key items that all young children need to have in their bedrooms. 

1- A Comfy Bed 

Kids like comfy beds, too, so you need to ensure they have a safe and comfortable bed in your young child’s bedroom. You will need to check that the mattress is appropriate for their age (many parents prefer firm to hard mattresses for young children) and aim to use soft bedding, which will provide warmth and comfort for them. As for the bed, a small single bed 2 ft 6 option will likely suffice and will also be large enough for them as they grow. If you can, make the bed more personal for them by painting it their favorite color or buying bedsheets and covers with their favorite characters. 

2- Storage

Children love playing with toys, and when they get their own room, it is the perfect time to move their toys into their bedroom. However, you will need to also ensure enough storage space for this, as the last thing you want is clutter. So, aim to buy cupboards, storage boxes, and under-bed storage options, as these will all help to keep the space organized and safe. 

3- Creative Space

Children like to be creative, and having an area of the room that is dedicated to painting, making objects with clay, or other crafts is likely to go down well.  

Ensure that even if this is an art area, no glue, sharp objects, or paint are stored in it where the child might be able to reach them and, if your child is using these items, that they have supervision. Then, you have to find an area to put the artwork! 

4- Night Light

OK, so most people know that children aren’t fans of the dark, and there are many ways to ease the natural anxiety that they will have about sleeping by themselves. The first option is a night light, which can be plugged into a socket. Or, you can invest in a bedside lamp, which can help your child to sleep, and they can switch on if they become scared at night. 

It can even be worth investing in a wall sconce. These are often battery-operated and can be attached to the wall nearest to the bed with sticky pads or screws. They are also touch-operated and dimmable, meaning that your child can adjust the brightness to their liking, making it effortless to make their room a place of comfort.