Five Main Reasons to Visit New Jersey

Five Main Reasons to Visit New Jersey

New Jersey

The state of New Jersey has a temperate continental climate with hot summers and frequent rainfall. Winter weather is colder than in other regions.

New Jersey has many large cities, comfortable resort areas, natural parks and preserved areas, and cultural and architectural monuments. Major cities in the state include Trenton, Princeton, Wildwood, Newark, and Jersey City. Among other cities popular with tourists you should note: Lakewood, Toms River, and others. Rent a car to get around the state conveniently.

Most of the area is flat, with small mountains in some areas. Southwest New Jersey is adorned with coniferous forests, and to the east is a small island called Long Beach. To make it more convenient for you to move around the state, contact cheap car rentals New Jersey. You can use the NJ car rental app to do it.

The composition of the state’s population is multinational and multicultural. The white population includes many people from Ireland, Poland, Italy, and Germany. About 14% of the state’s residents are African American, more than 8% are Asian, and about 6% are Jewish.

New Jersey has a developed, diversified economy. There are many research institutes and laboratories in the state. It should be noted that New Jersey owns such an invention as television. The state is famous for transportation, pharmacology, agriculture, tourism, etc.

New Jersey

A Brief History of the State

Like many other states in America, this area was inhabited by Indians several millennia ago. In the first half of the 17th century, the Dutch arrived. A few years later, the first colony was established here, and it was called New Netherland.

However, the Dutch owned this land for a short time, and by the end of the 17th century, it became the property of the British kingdom. The people of the state in 1776 launched an active struggle for independence from the colonizers. During the short period of the Civil War, the masters of the territory repeatedly replaced each other. Only in 1787 did New Jersey gain statehood and become part of the United States.

Today, the state is considered part of a huge New York conglomerate with a developed economy and infrastructure, but in many areas there is a large outflow of people.

New Jersey Attractions

Among the state’s attractions is the Skylands Botanical Gardens, at the center of which is a magnificent old manor house. An apple alley leads from the homestead into the depths of the orchard. Nearby are gardens of lilies and lilacs. On the territory were greenhouses with fragrant magnolias and peonies. There is an amazing atmosphere of floral paradise.

Ecotourism aficionados should not miss the Delaware Water-Gap Nature Preserve, nestled on the banks of the Delaware River. There are several interesting monuments that tell about the history of the area. 

Among them are the Peter Valley Art Museum, the Minisink Archaeological Site, and Millbrook Village, where you can learn about Native American life. There’s a lot of activities such as hiking and horseback riding available in the park, as well as fishing, kayaking, canoeing and everything for a quiet family vacation.

Of particular interest to tourists is the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. It is a mighty full-metal structure that spans over the Delaware River. Your kids are sure to love the Six Flags Adventure amusement center in Jackson. There is a huge variety of rides, a beautiful safari park, many cafés, and several shopping centers where you can buy memorable souvenirs.

The city of Princeton, which houses the famous Princeton University, one of the oldest in America, will please tourists with its unusual architecture. In addition, the city houses the Einstein House Museum, which will present many interesting facts about the life of the great scientist. You are free to review them using car rental New Jersey.

The American gambling center is Atlantic City, with many casinos, where gambling enthusiasts tend to go. The city is imbued with the spirit of gambling. There is even a monument to the world-famous game, “Monopoly”.

Other places you shouldn’t miss in New Jersey

The town of Hoboken attracts tourists with its sandstone houses and varied cuisine (for example, Italian, Indian, Mexican, etc.). History lovers will not remain indifferent to the visit of the Historical Museum. Renting a car is a very handy feature. A nice bonus is the fact that all city parking lots are free. 

The town of Camden is home to the legendary battleship USS New Jersey, which has participated in many military operations, including the Vietnam War. In October 2001, it received official museum status.

In metropolitan Trenton, tourists are interested in the State Capitol, where the New Jersey Legislature meets. It also houses the offices of the state governor and lieutenant governor. Among the popular attractions are the old barracks, which housed British troops during the Seven Years’ War.

Interesting Facts

It was in New Jersey that the famous Thomas Edison (scientist and inventor) lived his last years. New Jersey, like many other American regions, has some very funny state laws. For example, in New Jersey it is illegal to:

  •  Sell handcuffs to children.
  • The driver must give a specific signal before performing an overtaking maneuver.
  • Catch other people’s pigeons
  • Make noises while eating (for example, eating soup) in a café or restaurant.
  • Wear a bulletproof vest while attempting to commit a violent crime.
  • Sell a car on Sundays
  • Residents of Caldwell cannot dance on Main Street
  • If convicted of driving under the influence, you’re no longer allowed to have custom license plates.
  • In Blairstown, it’s illegal to plant trees along the street that “obscure the air.”
  • In Haddon Township, it is illegal to annoy someone of the opposite sex.
  • It is illegal for birds to poop on statues
  • In Newark, it is illegal to purchase ice cream after 6 p.m. without a doctor’s note.
  • In Manville, it is illegal to offer alcohol or tobacco to zoo animals.


New Jersey is one of the oldest American states with a rich history. It attracts tourists from all over the world with its historical sights, modern infrastructure, beautiful natural scenery, and lots of entertainment.

Written by
Rex Baker