Exploring Modern Technology in Online Slot Games

Exploring Modern Technology in Online Slot Games

Technology in Online Games

Due to recent technological advancements, casino games have become more accessible to all. People are looking for convenient ways to play their preferred online casino games. 

It is estimated that the online gambling industry will reach an astounding $100 billion by 2026. Online slot games played a huge part in the high growth rates and are incredibly well-liked by players new to online casinos.  

The gameplay of online slots is relatively straightforward and can be understood within a short time. Additionally, they don’t need as much time investment as other traditional casino games like poker or blackjack. 

Innovations in online slot games have changed the gaming experience for casino enthusiasts. In addition to providing a unique gaming experience, these technological features help to ensure that each game is played fairly and improve protection for players. 

The Technology Behind Today’s Online Slots 

Current game developers use many core technologies to create entertaining online slot games. Random number generator (RNG) is one of the most crucial aspects of online slots. This algorithm produces entirely random and unpredictable results in slot games. With this technology, players are guaranteed fairness and protection from any form of manipulation, giving them an equal chance to win. 

The use of the RNG feature is heavily monitored and audited by regulatory authorities. Reputable online casinos and game providers usually apply third-party testing companies to validate the randomness and fairness of the game. 

Other than RNG, current online slot games also utilize other advanced technology, which include encrypted payment systems and fraud detection software. These systems are used to protect the players’ personal data.  

An algorithm is used in encryption to scramble the data to make it difficult to decode without the encryption key, which is comprised of a special code. Authorised parties can use the key to decrypt the information and read it in its original format. 

Several casinos even began to offer advanced payment methods, including cryptocurrency. In addition, the in-game features in online slots also use advanced technology, which includes gamification, online jackpots, and bonus rounds. 

Popular Slot Games 

In order to draw in more customers with seemingly endless preferences, casinos must appeal to a wider range of consumers. One of the strategies is to develop a variety of slots using various themes and designs. 

Among the widespread developers, Booming Games is one of the most well-known in the industry.  

Throughout the years, Booming Games has won several awards, increasing its recognition among the public. One of the most recent ones was in 2020, when this game developer won Rising Star of the Year at the International Gaming Awards (IGA) hosted at the Savoy Hotel in London.  

The IGA is an annual event that awards achievements and innovations of the top companies in the gaming industry. Prior to 2020, Booming Games also received the Supplier of the Year Award at the MiGEA MALTA iGaming Excellence Awards 2018. These awards show Booming Games’ high reputation in the gaming world. 

Booming Games offers multiple entertaining slot games to choose from. One example is Wild Energy, which offers 25 different ways to win. This six-reel game carries a Bursting Wild Reels feature that can be randomly activated at any time during the game. The feature can change certain reels into wilds, which can increase the opportunity to win free spin rounds and double the multiplier. 

Another notable game is Booming Bananas, which is a jungle-themed slot machine with a lively monkey as the main character and lots of bananas. During the play, the game is accompanied by tribal drumming and shrieking animal sounds. Booming Bananas is played on three reels and features multiplier rewards, two-way pays, banana scatters, monkey face wild symbols and free spins.