Do mHealth Apps Maintain User Privacy? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Do mHealth Apps Maintain User Privacy? Here’s Everything You Need to Know


Gone are the days when mobile phones were only put to use for calling or messaging others. In today’s era, there are millions of mobile applications on the App Store and Play Store that people use for their entertainment, e-shopping, e-banking, and whatnot!

One of the mobile apps that have recently gained a lot of emphasis is the mHealth apps that offer remote medical solutions to its users. After the new guidelines by the government were regulated, which included refrained outdoor movement, entrepreneurs came forward and built healthcare apps. 

The big question is, what is it that patients require in a mHealth app?

The top three features that users look for in a mHealth application are the ability to schedule an appointment, requests for prescription, and access to all the medical history. 

If we look at the stats, only about 11% of mHealth apps are able to deliver what is expected by the users. Therefore, if you’re hooked up with the healthcare industry and are willing to build a mHealth app, this article includes valuable information about developing an efficient application. 

Take a look! 

Important Features to Integrate into a mHealth App

1. Ease of Access 

Users opt for using a specific mobile app only when it offers convenience and delivers the expected results. Therefore, if an app doesn’t provide efficient UI and UX, it is of no use. 

Now that you know about the importance of offering ease of access, it doesn’t mean that a lot of features need to be stacked. REMEMBER, a simple UI and navigation system is all you need than a complicated mechanism. Furthermore, if users take too long to understand an app’s functionality, they might end up uninstalling the same and switching to a substitute. 

2. Accurate Information 

There’s nothing more important than one’s health; therefore, people want to seek authentic information when it comes to healthcare. Therefore, make sure that your mHealth provides accurate knowledge about every condition. 

Additionally, integrate features that could provide insights on patient’s health and treatment for the same.

3. Virtual Communication with the Health Experts 

The prime purpose of a mHealth app is to bridge the gap between doctors and patients. The app should allow users to connect with professionals virtually and promote effective communication. 

Many times, when patients catch minor flu, they rush to the hospital to get their health monitored. Therefore, it leads to more crowd and easy spread of the COVID-19 disease. Fortunately, with the help of mHealth apps, patients can get their health monitored remotely, and if they’re advised, a hospital visit is planned accordingly. 

4. Uncomplicated Mechanism 

As per research, from all the mHealth apps available in the market, about 90% of apps are downloaded but not used. 

Do you know why?

It is because of the poor UI, which is resulted when the requirements of the target audience are neglected. 

To build an intriguing yet simple interface, the app must include visuals, as they can be a crucial factor in attaining the user’s attention. Additionally, color schemes also play a role when it comes to intriguing the customers. 

mHealth Apps in Context to User Privacy 

It is an assumption followed by most people that mHealth applications highly secure the sensitive health-related data of the patients. However, according to a study, about 88% of the overall applications available are developed in a manner that harvests user information. 

Trends That Can Boost the Mechanism of mHealth Apps 

Undoubtedly, there are numerous emerging tech and trends that are contributing to the growth of a business. It is the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs to integrate these trends and form a functionality that provides convenience to its users. 

To help you clear the fog, below mentioned are a few tech trends you must know:

1. Artificial Intelligence 

Are you aware that numerous medical activities have already incorporated the use of technologies, including Artificial Intelligence? Moreover, AI-based chatbots are being used to provide instant help to the users and resolve all their queries. 

These chatbots collect information about an individual and give insights based on the same. Therefore, you can incorporate the tech trend into your mobile app, as it’ll not only save a lot of time but other resources. 

2. Blockchain Technology 

As mentioned above, most of the mHealth apps are designed to gather user information. However, don’t forget that user privacy must be your top priority. Thus, here’s when blockchain tech comes in handy! 


Well, the tech is a digital ledger of transactions that can manage records, improve overall systems, and whatnot, without enabling anyone to alter the same. 

To Sum Up 

In today’s era, where everything is conducted using technology, and every industry is progressing with the help of the same, the healthcare sector is also taking necessary steps to eliminate the traditional approach. 

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REMEMBER, offering exceptional service to your users will help build your user base!

Keep innovating!