DIY hacks to arrange your Kitchen

DIY hacks to arrange your Kitchen


Home is a complete project and a sum of never ending chores. Home makers often require tips and tricks to help themselves reduce these chores. In today’s massively engaged world everyone needs shortcuts and time saving methodologies. To provide you with some of these alternatives here are some interesting tips and tricks to arrange your kitchen.

Part your kitchen drawers with drawer inserts


Despite of a single large space a sectioned area is better for arranging your spoons, knifes and any other cutlery. You can easily make up this with either wooden bars or even cardboard cuttings. Also you can use this separation idea in spice drawers and in grocery cupboards.


Double your kitchen counter space

Kitchen counters are always required for messier work and a lot of clean extra space is required to do your cuttings and mixing. While doing so the other kitchen items always get dirty and it eventually adds up to preparation time leaving you stuck in the kitchen for a long time sponging the tiny corners of your slabs. To prevent this from happening add small shelves heightened from the counter to fit your kitcheneries on it and you still have place for your work. These can be simple one layered shelves and also the double Decker if you have a tiny kitchen.


Use smart holders on kitchen walls

Use rods and small hangers to help things hang up and producing space for your placements. You can attach these holders inside your kitchen closets and also outside doors and cupboards for hanging of cooking pots, cooking spoons and kitchen clothes. You can also use magnet holders to hang your spice holders and cold drink bottles else where you want to.


Cork boards to pin miscellaneous kitchen items

Use cork board covers on walls and inside closet walls so you can pin on holders and also anything that sticks well to reduce space and to improvise convenience. You can attach this sheet beneath your cooking range; with the help of simple cardboard pins you can hang your required cooking spoons which will be easily reachable while cooking.


Clever ways to add up space to your kitchen dimensions

  • Use decorative wooden ladders along the walls so you can put your groceries, vegetables and fruits right in your range and also avoiding contact with moisture
  • Tiered circular organizers can also help hold your go to spices and stuff. They are a bit old fashioned but now we know why our grandparents loved these. You see one always falls back on the right old stuff because old is yes gold.
  • Nail file holders in the wall cuttings and corners to hold stuff for you. Also one sheet shelves will help you save space.

How to dry the always messy sink area of the kitchen

Your sink is always wet. Just have a look at now and you’ll know why you need this DIY tip. Find a plastic or ceramic square plate and attach it under the sink pipe into the washing basin itself with its corners tilted towards the inside. The slope will flutter the water inside.

Also try adding sponges around the sink so can easily squeeze and dry them up whenever they are filled. Rugs below the sink area will help you reduce the grind of mopping again and again.


Recycle your cap less bottles and cans

Missing caps of the spice jars and bottles? No problem. Reuse them converting them into decor items for your home and both kitchen. Plant genuine plants or rearrange them for dry arrangements or just fill them up to the top with natural pebbles to make your kitchen look real organic.


Set of six now is one

Broken glass sets are always a bore for us all but this time don’t get upset you have more flower pots and candle holders than ever. Turn the goblets or glasses upside down fill them with beautiful beads or ruffles and there you go. Put your favourite kitchen decorative candles over them or decor you’re dining with them. You can always look up for stuff around you to fix your own place. We all have garbage at our homes but not everyone realizes that it is all not a waste but something of use.