Different Types of Cross Border Services, You Should Know

Different Types of Cross Border Services, You Should Know


We are here to provide information for different types of cross-border services. If you are new to this and want to become familiar with the types of cross-border services, you are in the right place. This article is specially designed for you; I hope it would be helpful to you. 

What is Cross Border Services?

It refers to the affairs of trading between the two countries, which include shipments of cross borders i.e one country to another country. This trade is already a long process, including bundles of formalities. The Department of Custom agencies of the country check and accord the record, entries, and accounting documentation submitted by importers or exporters.

Then the shipments are allowed to move further after approval from the designated officers. This documentation has detailed shipment information that directs the officials to access the risks, accordingly your tax will be decided. For security reasons, many countries use an eManifest which is the digital version of a paper manifest including information of conveyance crew and cargo. 

Cross Border Services in BC is a very long process and the chances of hauls in shipments are high as it is the trade between two countries so, trucking and trailer companies come up with a list of the services that can fit your goods and may satisfy your needs. 

Heavy Haul Services:

Heavy haul service is featured services which are especially for the large and wide trades. It is a good choice if your carry loads of goods are crossing the standard guidelines under legal dimensions. You must be better aware of the guidelines for standard and heavy haul shipment’s length, width, and height to avoid any further problems. Don’t neglect any information. Keep a list of whole special information of all states you are dealing with. Each state must have different rules and regulations, set by the federal government. 

Here is the universally accepted information: Weight 80,000 pounds, Height of 13.6 feet, Width of 8.6 feet, and Length of 48 to 53 feet.

Frozen and Refrigerated Services: 

If your products are temperature sensitive, don’t worry we has something for you. Some products can be stable in frozen temperatures only. Frozen and refrigerated trucks are designed for this purpose only. If you are looking for shipments of seafood, dairy, plants, pharmaceuticals, fruits, vegetables, and meat, all you need is frozen and refrigerated services.

Dry Van Services:

The most used service in truckload shipments is dry van services. Dry van services are trailers, facilitating the items to get sealed and fully enclosed. These are not for temperature-sensitive items. High volume products are adjusted to move for long drivers. It facilitates the safety of the products, especially for the products (furniture, clothes, paper products, etc.) which require protection from outside factors like dust, dirt, climate, etc. 

Full Truckloads Services:

This service is helpful for businesses, looking for shipments for bulk items and heavy loads to long distances. The whole space and trailer will be assigned to a single customer for a particular shipment. A single and dedicated cargo truck is used for safe shipment, belonging to one business. 

LTL Freight Shipping Services:

Less than Truckload Freight Shipping Services especially for small shipments for a single destination. It is useful when your shipment doesn’t require a whole trailer. It covers weight above 70 kilograms but not less than 900 kilograms. LTL freight shipping manages freight and facilitates offers that will help you to save money. There are also highlighting benefits for these services like less shipping cost, eco-friendly shipping, the safety of packages, the faithfulness of high degree, than other shipping options.

Trans loading Services:

This type of service includes the transfer of container cargo from one load unit to another unit. A trans-load truck will be sent to a nearby port terminal. These services are very much similar to intermodal shipping which transports goods by trucks and trains. These trans-load services mostly use the transfer of goods by train.

Flatbed Services:

Flatbed Services are used for transportation of items like cranes, forklifts, etc to load goods from all angles. This is used for goods that may not fit in the standard dimensions of the truck. It is considered as one of the most difficult truck driving, including heavy products and shipments.

HAZMAT Services:

HAZMAT service is designed for the transportation of hazardous materials like liquids, solids, gases, fumes, gas, vapor, mist, smoke, toxic chemicals, fuels, chemical, biological, nuclear waste products, and radiological agents. Companies may require professional and experienced staff to operate on these shipments.

Well-trained personnel are required to deal with it. Our Company assure to put trained experts having whole knowledge in this field. So choosing an experienced company for the shipment of the HAZMAT products is very important.