Convert Regular Load To Gcash 2022

Convert Regular Load To Gcash 2022

Convert Regular Load To Gcash

Convert regular load to Gcash 2022 – GCash offered to users the option of turning Globe prepay load into GCash money in the year 2016. It involved by visiting a now-defunct website ( and entering your phone number and the load amount that you wanted to convert. If you’re looking to learn how to convert regular load to GCash 2022.

You may have an excess prepay load that you no will ever use and you’re thinking about whether you could convert your unutilized load into cold hard cash. It is it possible to convert your regular load to Gcash.

Convert Regular load to Gcash lets you to carry out almost any transaction using only a few taps of your phone. It can be used to purchase load, transfer money to pay bills and other things. It’s among the most used electronic wallets available in the Philippines in the present. Do you have a pre-paid load that you no have the need for? You can convert regular load to Gcash 2022 to follow these easy steps.

What Is GCash?

GCash refers to mobile money, also known as “e-money” that allows you to pay your bills, Convert Regular Load To Gcash, transfer or receive cash, purchase mobile loads, shop online or book tickets for movies and much more, all with the help of your phone.

With the use of a “mobile wallet,” you are able to complete all these transactions anywhere and anytime without the requirement to withdraw cash. Contrast this with carrying cash in your pockets, which is at a greater chance of being misplaced or taken.

Convert Regular Load to GCash 2022 in Detail

How to Convert Regular Load to Gcash 2022 there are instances where the user may have loaded using credit cards or placed themselves in with a wrong amount.

However, despite all efforts to reduce this load of material, it’s an enormous amount of leftover, and they’re not able to locate any Share-A-Load users.

However, it’s the best choice for the customer to convert the regular load to GCash 2022. as they are unable to receive a refund.

There are many YouTube videos that are supposed to show users how you can convert regular load to GCash. However, nearly all of these videos instruct an approach which is no longer effective.

How To Convert Regular Load To Gcash 2022?

There is very simple and easy steps to How to convert regular load to Gcash 2022.

1.) Simply search for it on the internet by using Google or another search engine ( How To Convert Regular Load To Gcash.

2.) Click the link the will appear on google search page ( ).

3.) Save the link to your phone or tab ( Saving Pages, if you’re operating Opera Mini ). However, if you’re running Windows Phone ( Pin To Start ).

4.) Select the amount you wish to Convert Regular Load To Gcash and then at the bottom, enter your phone number ( the source of load to Convert ) But be aware that the number you enter must be the one registered to Gcash and that the KYC has already been verified by the Globe Store.

5.) Gcash will text the four digits to the number you have entered ( Click on the Link and then send ).

6.) Click on click on the hyperlink ( 2882 will notify you with the amount of load that was converted and also your Gcash Account Balance).

7.) Eliminate the text message 2882 to ensure your safety

How to Transfer Regular Load To Gcash 2022

These are the steps to transfer or Convert Regular Load To Gcash.

1. Convert Regular Load To Gcash 2022 Via CliQQQ and Share Treats

Step 1 Download the Share Treats app, and log in.

Step 2 Search for Groceries, Brands, and Shops, then CliQQ7-Eleven.

Step 3 Choose between 100, 300, and 500

Step 4 Select the appropriate amount from the results, and then click Treat.

Step 5 Tap the regular load options such as Globe and Smart.

Step 6Click “Treat for Me” and enter your name and phone number (optional).

Step 7 – Choose the source of the regular loading again and enter your 10-digit mobile number.

Step 8 Wait until the OTP is sent, then enter it.

Step 9 Wait until the redemption code is sent to you via the new SMS

Step 10 Download and open CliQQ.

Step 11 –Open CliQQ wallet, then Redeem Code

Step 12 Enter Redemption Code.

Step 13 Open your CliQQ Wallet and tap on Load Wallet.

Step 14 Select GCash. Enter your GCash number and the amount.

Step 15 Click to confirm and take a picture of the generated barcode.

Step 16 Take your to the nearest 7 Eleven and hand it to the cashier.

Please note that the CliQQ wallet amount must be greater than your regular load in the Share Treats App. It is a conversion fee.

The transaction must be completed at the 7-Eleven branch closest to you within the time period. However, you can always create a new one if the original has expired.

2. Convert Regular Load To Gcash 2022 Use Share-A-Load

These steps will apply to subscribers of Globe and TM

Step 1 –Find another Globe subscriber or TM subscriber that requires regular load.

Step 2 If your sim is PIN-enabled and available SMS, enter the amount AND PIN separated with a space and send to 2 + 10 digit Globe or TM numbers like 29999999999.

Step 3 If it doesn’t require a pin, enter the amount below and send it to two+ 10-digit mobile numbers.

Step 4 : Wait for the confirmation message, and then reply YES immediately.

Step 5 Request a GCash payment of the other person.

3. Convert Regular Load To Gcash Use *143#

If you are a Globe subscriber, please follow these instructions:

Step 1 – Call *143# from your cell phone.

Step 2 Enter the number you have provided to access your account.

Step 3: Proceed to Share-A-Load/Promo/MB by replying with the option number.

Step 4 – Choose whether you wish to share load with or not a PIN.

Step 5 Enter the load amount.

Step 6 When entering the 11-digit mobile number replace the zero at its beginning with “2”.

Step 7 Request a GCash payment of the other person.

4. Convert Regular Load To Gcash 2022 PasaLoad

Here are the steps for subscribers to Smart or TNT:

Step 1 –Find another Smart/TNT subscriber who requires regular load.

Step 2 Open the SMS app on you phone.

Step 3 : Type PASOLOAD11-digit mobile phoneLoad Amount

Step 4 – Send it back to 808.

Step 5 Ask for a GCash Payment from the Other Person or Bring their Cash Payment to the nearest GCash Partner Outlet.

You can also accept e-payments from subscribers who have topped up their regular loads and send them to GCash.

It would be great if you could also send the load to a store that sells sari-sari and receive a discount.

5. Convert Regular Load To Gcash 2022 through Third Parties

Many individuals and businesses have taken advantage to convert regular load to GCash.

Step 1 –Ask a friend, neighbor, or shop owner for help.

Step 2 Check or calculate their conversion rates, and choose your preferred option.

Step 3 –Ask the third party for their mobile number.

Step 4 – Complete a Share-A Load or PasaLoad transaction depending on which is applicable.

Step 5 Once load transfer is completed, you will need your GCash number.

Step 6 –Request payment to your GCash bank account.

Step 7 Wait for the payment and notification by GCash.

To avoid fraud and to ensure you get paid, take screenshots of any transaction.

Convert Regular Load To Gcash Conclusion

It is really disappointing that  Convert Regular Load To Gcash 2022 has disabled the ability to convert or transfer your Globe prepaid load into GCash funds. Instead of asking for cash payments from recipients, you can request that they transfer money to your Regular Load To GCash bank account. You can offer your prepaid load for a lower price than purchasing it through the GCash app.

This isn’t the same as “converting” prepaid load into GCash. However, it’s still a great way to make money by selling load to Globe, TM and Smart.