Celebration of Australia day doodle #Googledoodle 2022

Celebration of Australia day doodle #Googledoodle 2022

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Google also understood this tough moment which is why this one-year Australia day doodle #googledoodle, was different from the previous Google Doodles on Australia day. This years Australia day doodle #googledoodle paints an amazing picture that shows Australia’s citizens Australia are not the only ones facing this difficult time, and all of the world stands with time. Google has done a fantastic job in choosing its Australia day Doodle #googledoodle to commemorate the bush fires that are afflicting the citizens of Australia.

Australians all over the world celebrate their national holiday on 26 day of January. However, the day of national celebration this year was more significant to Australians as well as to everyone throughout the world due to certain unfortunate circumstances that were faced by Australians. It’s been a rough year for people in Australia in the beginning due to the devastating bush fires that swept across the country. As a result, the inhabitants of Australia were terribly affected. This was not financially, but also emotionally difficult time for Australians.

Australia day Googledoodle Doodle Significance

A brief outline Australia day Doodle #googledoodle

If we examine the significance and significance of the Australia day , the original Australia day doodle #googledoodle, it brings us back almost 60 years ago when the very first group comprised of British ships arrived in Port Jackson, New South Wales in 1788. It is a national holiday. Australia day is celebrated on the 26th of January. The reason behind 26 January being the nation’s day is due to the anniversary of the arrival of the the first group made up of British Ships at Port Jackson. Although 26 January may be a regular day for any other country, but not in Australia because it’s a day of integrity and celebration in Australia. The significance of Australia day Doodle #googledoodle has changed and been debated over time. If we examine the history of Australian day, it was celebrated on the same day by various Australian states. This has been the subject of debate and debate for a long time. This day has also been called differently such as Anniversary Day, Invasion Day, Foundation Day and Day of Mourning in various states in Australia.

British sovereignty over the eastern shores of Australia

The 26th of January 1788 was the day of proclamation of British sovereignty over the eastern shores of Australia (then called New Holland). While it wasn’t officially recognized in the form of Australia Day until over a century later, the records of celebrations that took place on the 26th of January go back to 1808 with the first official celebration marking the creation of New South Wales held in 1818. The day of New Year’s Day 1901, the British colonies of Australia were united which marked the beginning of the modern Australia. A day of national unity and celebration was sought after. It wasn’t till 1935 when all Australian states and territories accepted the using the name “Australia Day” to mark the day, but it wasn’t until 1994 that the day was regularly marked as public holidays on that day across all territories and states.

A few Indigenous Australian events are now included. But, at the very least since 1938, the date for Australia Day has also been celebrated in the eyes of Indigenous Australians, and those who are in support of the cause of mourning the land being invaded from colonial forces of the British and the beginning of colonization, and protesting the celebration of it as an annual national holiday. Some groups refer to the 26th of January to be Invasion Day, Survival Day as well as Day of Mourning to observe it as a counter-celebration . recommend that the date be changed or this holiday be eliminated completely.

Australia day doodle #googledoodle History:

The First fleet Australia day doodle #googledoodle , consisting of 11 vessels was sent by the British army on 13 May 1787, from England to Holland. The goal of the fleet was to establish a colony in Botany bay, which is located on the southern coast of new south wales that had been discovered and was claimed by Lieutenant James cook in 1770. The colony was deemed essential due to the demise from one of the Thirteen Colonies in North America. It was believed that the Fleet arrived between January 18 and 1788, however it became immediately evident it was evident that Botany Bay was not suitable for settlement. Some officers made the trip to the port of Jackson on the 21st of January to determine if it could be a better place to settle. They remained there until 23 January. The captain Arthur Philip who was the captain of the fleet designated the place where they landed to be Sydney cove.

They also interacted with aboriginals living in the area. The group returned to Botany Bay in the 23rd of January in the evening The following morning, Phillip made an order to transfer the entire fleet into Sydney Cove the next morning on January 24. The next day it was a severe storm raging which made it impossible for the fleet to depart Botany Bay, and they decided to stay until the following day, which was 25 January. On the 24th of January, they saw two ships, Astrolabe and Boussole which were flying the French flag at the entrance of Botany Bay. They were having the same difficulties entering this bay, as First Fleet was having getting out. The fleet was attempting to leave Botany Bay on January 25, however only HMS supply was able to leave with Arthur Phillip, Philip Gidley King as well as a few marines and around 40 convicts. they made a stop at Sydney Cove in the afternoon. In the meantime, returning to Botany Bay the Captain John Hunter of HMS Sirius was in contact with French ships.

He as well as the captain Capt. de Clonard, exchanged greetings. Clonard informed Hunter that the commander of the fleet is Jean-Francois de Galaup, comte of La Perouse. Sirius was able to clear Botany Bay, however the vessels that were not cleared were also in severe difficulties. Charlotte was blown close to rocks. Friendship along with Prince of Wales became entangled with both ships losing sails or booms. Charlotte as well as the Friendship ended up colliding; and Lady Penrhyn almost ran into the ground. Despite the difficulties, all the remaining ships managed to get out of Botany Bay before sailing to Sydney Cove on 26 January. The last vessel anchored at Sydney Cove around 3 4 pm. It was January 26 on when the landing was completed at Sydney cove. On the day, the captain Philip stated:

Celebration of Australia day doodle #Googledoodle

In the past few years celebrating Australian day has grown to the point that all the states and territories have started to commemorate the Australia day doodle #googledoodle on the actual date for the first time. The way it was done was different due to a variety of reasons. Different states observed the Australian day under different names and at different times.

A study conducted in 2007 found that 28 percent of Australians were surveyed attended an organised Australia day doodle #googledoodle celebration and another 26% enjoyed the celebration with their friends and family. This is in line with an earlier study which found that 66% of the respondents believed that they would be able to actively take part in the Australia day doodle #googledoodle in 2006.

In Australia events like outdoor celebrations, community barbecues festivals, sports competitions and fireworks are among the numerous events which are part of the day of celebration. In Sydney the Harbour is the main focus, where boat racing is also held, including ferry races as well as The tall ship race. Then, in Adelaide, the key celebrations are “Australia Day in the City” which is a concert, parade and fireworks show held at Elder Park, with a new outdoor art installation that will be in 2019 to honor the memory and honor Aboriginal individuals who’ve made a difference to the community. The event includes events like the People’s March and the Voyages Concert Melbourne’s celebrations focus specifically on the celebration of diversity. It is the Perth Skyworks is the largest single event held every Australia day doodle #googledoodle

Australia day doodle #googledoodle becoming the biggest celebration to obtain Australian citizenship

The ceremonies for citizenship are also regularly held and are often held with the Australia day doodle #googledoodle becoming the biggest celebration to obtain Australian citizenship. On the 26th of January, 2011 more than 300 citizenship ceremonies were held and more than 13000 people across 143 nations were granted Australian citizenship. Since the past few years, several ceremonies of citizenship have been accompanied by affirmations from current citizens. A study conducted in 2007 revealed that 78.6 percept of the respondents believed that citizenship ceremonies are an important element of the day.

Australia day ambassador program

The Australia day ambassador program on Australia day doodle #googledoodle is an official initiative that helps celebrations in communities across the country by encouraging the participation of highly-achieving Australians at local celebrations. As of 2011, 385 ambassadors took part in celebrations of local communities in the amount of 384.

Prestigious Award ceremonies on National Day

It is also worth noting that the Order of Australia awards are an additional feature on the calendar. The Australia day doodle #googledoodle Achievement Medallion is awarded to residents by local governments on the basis of the excellence of government as well as non-governmental organisations. The Governor-General and the Prime Minister also speak to the country. On the day before Australia Day each year, the Prime Minister announces the winner of the Australian of the Year award. The award is presented the award to one Australian person who’s made the ability to make a “significant contribution to the Australian community and nation” and is an “inspirational role model for the Australian community”. The subcategories that make up the award comprise Young Australian of the Year and Senior Australian of the Year, as well as an award to honor The Australian’s Community Hero.

Reflections on History and Future of Australia on the day of its national holiday:

The research conducted in 2009 showed that Australians look back on their history and the future in a similar way in the Australia day doodle #googledoodle is a day to reflect on the past and present. Of the people surveyed 43% said that history was the most important aspect to consider during Australia Day and 41% thought they were looking towards “our future”, while 13% believed it was essential for them to “think about the present at this time” and 33% weren’t sure.

Despite the fact that the date is a reflection of that of the arrival of First Fleet the celebrations of today aren’t particularly historical in the way they are portrayed. There aren’t any large-scale reenactments and the presence of the leader of the nation is mostly focused on major occasions like ceremonies like the Australian of the Year Awards announcement as well as Citizenship Ceremonies.

It could be a sign of an evolution in Australians in their understanding of the role that Indigenous Australians in their national identity, Newspoll research in November 2009 revealed that 93% of Australians who were surveyed believed “it was important to recognize Australia’s indigenous people and culture” in conjunction with Australia Day festivities. A similar percentage (89 percent) said “it is important to recognize the cultural diversity of the nation”. Despite the high attendance at Australia day-long doodles #googledoodle celebrations and a positive attitude toward acknowledging Indigenous Australians, the date of the celebrations is an area of contention and national debate.

Australia day doodles #googledoodle as an emblem of the negative consequences

Certain Australians are adamant about the Australia day doodle #googledoodle as an emblem of the negative consequences on the impact of British settlement on the Indigenous people. The celebrations of 1938 were followed by the Aboriginal Day of Mourning. A large number of Aboriginal people from Sydney in 1988 held the “Invasion Day” commemoration marking the loss of Indigenous culture. A few Indigenous individuals and other figures continue to refer to Australia Day as “Invasion Day” and protests are held all the time, and often during Australia Day events. Many thousands of people take part in protest marches held in capital cities on the day of Invasion Day/Australia Days Estimates of the protests held in 2018 in Melbourne could be as high as tens of thousands. As up to 80,000 gathered for the “Invasion Day” protest in Melbourne only in 2019 and rallies were also held throughout the across the country.

It is also known as the day of survival, and is celebrated by events such as the survival concert that was first staged in Sydney in 1992. It is a symbol of the fact that the indigenous peoples and their culture has endured despite oppression and colonization. In 2016 National Indigenous Television chose the term “Survival Day” as its preferred option based on the fact that it recognizes the multifaceted nature of the day declaring that the name “recognizes the invasion”, however, it does not permit that to be the sole focus about the Aboriginal people. As a result to this, celebrations organized by the government have tried in incorporating Indigenous people in their ceremonies, such as the Woggan ma-gule ceremony in Sydney where they honor the past while celebrating the present. These issues are connected to the australia day celebrations in Melbourne and is a reason to make it a distinct argument for everyone’s consideration

Bicentennial celebrations

in 1988 the commemoration of 200 years from the time of the First Fleet was organized on massive scale, with a variety of important events happening across all major cities. More than 2.5 million people took part in the celebration in Sydney. The event included street parties, music with performances on the forecourt and the steps in the Sydney Opera House and at numerous other venues for public entertainment including literary and artistic competitions, historical re-enactments, and the official opening of the Powerhouse Museum at its new place of operation. An re-enactment on the day of arrival for the First Fleet took place in Sydney Harbour, with ships that had left Portsmouth in the previous year participating.

Final Words on Australia day doodle #googledoodle

Despite all the controversy and the long-standing history, regardless of the debates and the deep history, Australia holiday is a significant day to Australia as it is observed with passion and with joy by all citizens of Australia. As with any other national holiday in any other nation, Australia’s national day on 26 January, is not an ordinary celebration in Australia. Australian citizens have always been conscious of their long heritage and through reflecting on that the people of Australia are striving to give their nation an indicator of prosperity and respectability. The 2018 Australia day doodle #googledoodle distinct than the last Australia day doodle #googledoodle due to the fact that this year’s experience has been extremely challenging for the citizens of Australia due to the catastrophic and devastating bushfires across the country. Many people lost their lives to the bushfires and many were forced to endure financial losses because of these fires.