Break through the noise: 5 ideas to market your health and wellness business successfully

Break through the noise: 5 ideas to market your health and wellness business successfully

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The wellness industry is currently thriving – in 2020 alone, it had a huge accomplishment, doubling the amount of the tourism industry by generating $639 billion. That’s because consumer health awareness has considerably increased, with individuals finally starting to realize the importance of mental health. But the convenience of technology has also played a role in this, leading consumers to take a holistic approach to their wellness that goes beyond workouts and dietary supplements.

Now, mindfulness, nutrition and physical fitness are top priorities for consumers. The focus on mental health and the growth in health-related products requires strong marketing efforts in the health and wellness sector as competition is getting higher. As a result, it becomes paramount to respond effectively to the changing needs of consumers through innovative strategies. A wellness marketing campaign aims to boost brand awareness and ultimately generate sales. 

However, not all tactics work, and it’s essential to provide value to customers. To this end, community building and personalization are essential elements that allow you to create and retain customers in the long run. Let’s look at 5 tried-and-trusted marketing strategies that will put your health and wellness business on the path to success.  

Establish consistent branding

Branding means developing a consistent idea for the services or products you want to promote. This is an effective wellness marketing strategy because it helps you build strong customer relationships. But what does consistent branding really mean? Essentially, it is about using the same sounds, colors and messaging on your website, ads, and within the services and products you want to market.

This is important because it helps customers remember your brand. Let’s say someone sees an ad for a meditation app with a memorable icon and background. If they later want to get started with meditation and download an app, there is a high chance they will choose that brand from the ad, as they recall it as a wellness brand.

Write compelling content

While pay-per-click ads may be relevant for marketing your wellness brand, they aren’t enough. You need outstanding content to stand out as a credible industry leader, which will help you build trust and reach your target audience. Content marketing allows you to meet your customers on their buyer journey, ultimately persuading them to buy your services and products. But this can be difficult for industries like CBD, for instance, as many skeptics don’t believe in the potential of the products to improve their health. The same applies to spirituality products, such as malas, health balls, protection pendants, etc. Sure, you can offer a spiritual wholesaler on your website, but how do you ensure customers will actually buy them? 

You must first market the products in a positive light and educate your audience on how they will benefit from purchasing them. That’s where content marketing comes in, as you can use podcasts, videos, blogs, and other types of content to provide valuable information to potential customers and build credibility. Targeted content marketing is the holy grain of the success of your health and wellness business, so you should take advantage of it.

Leverage social media

No marketing strategy will be successful without social media. 91% of individuals believe social platforms are incredibly powerful in connecting people. Not only that, but 64% of consumers prefer brands that have a solid social media presence. Therefore, you want to figure out which platforms you can use to promote your health and wellness business and build meaningful relationships with customers. Obviously, it isn’t enough to just set up a business profile on Instagram or Facebook – you want to build your presence on these platforms and can do so through native ads, app development, video content marketing, and so on.

The goal when using social media is not to sell products but to build community. Why is that so? Well, it’s pretty straightforward: customers who trust your brand will automatically purchase your products or services.

Engage with your customers

Customer engagement is vital to growing your wellness business faster because it helps build a loyal audience that further recommends your services and products to others. When you take the time to engage with your customers, they are more likely to stick with your brand in the long run, boosting retention rates. But the question is, how can you effectively engage your customers? It all comes down to three essential aspects:

  • Providing value through your product or service;
  • Letting customers know that their well-being matters to your brand;
  • Making sure they choose you over other wellness brands.

Customer engagement is essential for retention. Since the two are interconnected, you want to look for long-term methods that will help you engage with them, thus strengthening the connection they have with your business in a meaningful way. And there’s no better way to do so than by offering positive brand experiences at all times, from the moment customers visit your website to when they buy your product or service. This requires a detailed digital marketing approach, so you may want to collaborate with an agency to guarantee that your health and wellness business thrives in the online space.

Partner with influencers

Influencer marketing is becoming an increasingly popular strategy and for a good reason. These Internet personalities have a lot of followers, and their opinions can influence customers’ buying decisions. Did you know that 6/10 subscribers decide what to purchase based on recommendations of their favorite content creators? Pretty impressive, right? Well, you can tap into the power of influencer marketing and ensure your health and wellness business flourishes.

Collaborating with micro-influencers and creating an optimized and cost-effective strategy will significantly impact your business’ success, helping you achieve a high ROI and develop long-term partnerships. Similarly, if your budget allows, you can invest more in your marketing campaigns, producing video content with great value. In both situations, working with an influencer will open the door to incredible opportunities, helping you reach an untapped audience.

Ready to unlock the potential of your health and wellness business?

Instead of seeing digital marketing as blatantly advertising services and products, you should look at it as a way to build community. By taking this approach, you will undoubtedly reach milestones in your health and wellness business, ensuring you stay ahead of competitors, as your customers will choose you simply because they relate to your brand messaging.