Boho, Chic and Cheap Home Decorating Ideas

Boho, Chic and Cheap Home Decorating Ideas

The boho-chic home decorating styles are trendy and a great way to save money on your interior design. The style is characterized by natural and earthy materials, such as wood, leather, wool, and cotton. This look is often achieved through modern furniture arrangements that create an inviting living space for family and friends. To achieve this beautiful look in your own home, you will need some time, creativity, and a limited budget!

This blog post will discuss how to incorporate these ideas into your home décor with cheap or free items from around the house or yard.


Steps to Create a Boho Chic Home Decorating Style:

Here is the step-by-step process to create boho chic in your home: Happy Decorating!


Step # 1

The first step is to fill your home with fragrant plants and flowers. Fill vases, decorate shelves or hang them from the ceiling for an instant boho-chic look. The Boho theme is all about flowers, so floral arrangements are a must! Perfect the theme by using flowers in a variety of colors and textures. If fresh flowers are unavailable, faux flowers can be a great stand-in.


Step # 2

Add some chic touches to your home with pillows, throws, area rugs, and other soft furnishings like curtains or fabrics in vibrant colors of coral reds, tangerine yellows, and lavender purples. Mixing these boho-chic elements with more traditional items creates an eclectic look. Boho decor is bringing earthy and muted tones back into style. Make the most of these touches by using them in various places, such as on your bed, chairs, or sofa, and even on top of bookshelves to add color and texture to any room.


Step # 3

Include some vintage-inspired pieces for an extra boho touch: Moroccan lanterns; woven baskets; weathered wood or marble; and floral tapestries. Master the theme with a few well-chosen elements. Also, bringing stone or wood flooring into your space will make it feel like a boho paradise.


Step # 4

Mix vintage-inspired pieces with everyday items, such as concrete coffee tables and bright vinyl chairs. Shop at garage sales or thrift stores for these treasures to get the look you want without breaking the bank. Add an old map on the wall in the living room or layer the floor with hand-knotted rugs. It is a perfect way to make the space feel cozy and inviting.


Step # 5

Pick up a few pieces that have meaning, such as an old family photo frame or painting your grandmother made when she was little. Add these sentimental items in places they will be seen regularly to offer comfort and happiness every day. Make a gallery wall or hang them with the use of string lights.


Step # 6

Spice things up with the occasional dose of whimsy by adding a metal elephant statue, interesting succulent arrangement, or geometric bird feeder. The more artistic your decorating style, the more variety is a must.


Step # 7

The easiest way to make your home shiny and bright is to clean. Dusting, vacuuming the carpets, and mopping will go a long way in making your space feel new again! The clean and organized home, clean and organized your mind will be. If your home is cluttered, you will never be at peace.


Step # 8

It is important to remember that colors affect our moods and atmosphere in different ways. Remember when you were younger, and mom painted your room? Choosing the right color can do wonders for any space! Choose light colors if you want a bright feel or dark shades for something more calming.


Step # 9

Do all the decor step by step to make your space what you envision. You don’t have to do everything at once, but take an area and work on it. The more spaces that are updated, the better! Remember, there is no wrong way when decorating, so experiment with new colors or adding different textures in your space.


Step # 10

Don’t forget to move your furniture around and experiment with different layouts! You may not like the way it looked in another spot–try moving it back, or try a new layout altogether. Something as simple as switching out the rug can completely change things up! Changing the furniture layout or adding a rug can make the space feel fresh and new.


Step # 11

Pillows are essentials for any boho-chic home: silk, velvet, cotton, linen—even vintage pillows with a worn look. The shape of the pillow should be complementary to its surroundings; in other words, it should be slim if placed on top of a low or wide pillow and vice versa.


Step # 12

Accessories are the cherry on top of your boho-chic cake! A few simple touches can turn any space into something special—add in some tasseled pillows, quirky dishes (yes, those that look like they belong in an antique store!), colorful measuring cups in a basket, or even an antique croquet set.


Step # 13

Add some boho-chic elements by using the following items in any room of the house:

  • Textiles that capture patchwork patterns or are cut into fringe.
  • Animal prints.
  • Vessels that are asymmetrical, handleless, or used for different purposes.

Add some shabby chic with curtains and lampshades that are soft and flowy, quilts with appliques or needlepoint; mirrors framed with natural wood; pillows that have a luxurious sheen to them.


Step # 14

Now it’s time to bring the outdoors in! Fill your house with greenery and flowers by decorating windows, doorways or scatter them over tables, couches, and chairs for an instant boho-chic look. A few living plants scattered around will instantly make any room feel fresh and homey.


Step # 15

Use rich, earthy color combinations for your walls.  When selecting paint colors remember that neutrals work well (so you can always add more color to space), bright colors can be overwhelming, and lighter shades just don’t have as much depth.


Step # 16

Some renovation projects will take more time than others, but it’s worth doing! Your home is your oasis and should be an enjoyable place to live. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or require years of work–do what you can and make it happen!


 Summing Up

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