Benefits of Eco Badges

Benefits of Eco Badges

Eco Badges

Businesses and brands are now moving towards eco-friendly products to help promote their products. Most customers are also attracted to brands that promote the use of eco-friendly products. One of the best and most cost-effective promotional products is eco badges.

If you’re running a startup, marketing will always be a big part of the success of your brand. Using TV and print media can be costly, especially if you are operating on a tight budget. Eco badges and other promotional products are cheap to manufacture and you can also create various designs. The best eco badges need to be durable, lightweight, and sturdy.

Below are some top benefits of using eco badges to promote your brand.

Various Designs

Eco badges are cheap to produce, and this gives you a chance to develop various designs. You can involve your employees or clients to come up with personalized designs. The other thing is that you don’t have to spend money on designs.

You can pick designs from the internet. For example, you can create eco badges of famous cartoon characters. Such badges will be a hit with people who like collecting antiques or memorabilia.


Nowadays, most people don’t carry wallets stacked with business cards. Paper business cards don’t last long and may seem bulky, especially if the designs aren’t great. Here is where eco badges can come in handy.

The eco badges can be made from high-quality rubber that is soft and flexible. Aside from your business logo, your brand’s colors should also be on the badge. The badge can be used as a key holder or name badge for employees.

Eco badges from Rocket Badge are available in different types. This allows you to create badges that can be used for various activities, which is quite a plus for businesses. Here are some eco-friendly badges that you can use for marketing or brand promotion campaigns.


Keyrings are pretty handy, especially if you carry a bunch of keys to and from work. They also look great and help you organize your keys better. You can design and manufacture keyrings attached to eco-badges.

Clip Badges

Kids and employees can use clip badges for easy identification. You can get clip badges made from recycled plastic or rubber, and these badges are very eco-friendly and safe for kids. You can use the company’s logo and brand’s color for promotional purposes.

Wrapping Up

Eco products are great as they promote better environmental practices. There are a host of promotional products you can use to market your brand. You can manufacture t-shirts, backpacks, hats, or eco badges.

Eco badges are the best because they are cheaper and more cost-effective. You will also save plenty when it comes to getting designs. There are plenty of manufacturing companies that make custom-made products.

When looking for a manufacturing company to create or produce eco badges for you, there are some things you need to consider. Go for a company with great rapport and a wide range of clients. Make sure that you also review their rates and customer agreement plans.