Top 8 Beach Holidays You Can Plan Around the World

Top 8 Beach Holidays You Can Plan Around the World


Everyone of us is always running in our fast-paced busy lives while looking forward to blowing off some steam. Planning an annual holiday to just get away from our busy lives is something we think about almost every day. It is quite an exciting thing to do where you look around and research and try to plan the most perfect beach holiday for you and your family to just lay back, relax, and energiser to get back to life. Beach holidays are the ideal vacation that we all crave.

If you are a beach person then I’m sure you think about running off for a vacation in the Maldives or anywhere you can forget about the stress of life. In this article I will tell you about some of the hot spots in the world that are best known for their gorgeous beaches and make the perfect holiday destinations. Follow OMG Blog to learn more on planning the ideal vacation.

Summer Beach Holiday in Bali


Bali has made quite a stir in the past decade and people are dying to go on a dreamy beach holiday in this Indonesian Island. It is one of the most popular holiday destination in the world. With the exotic culture and the local hospitality, once you experience the beauty of it all, it is very hard coming back to your mundane life. Volcanoes and jungles, heavenly beaches and popular resorts, it has everything you can ever dream of for the best beach holiday ever.

Beach Holiday in Australia


From the Lizard Island to the White haven beach, each and every one of the Australian beaches is a sight to behold. Australia welcomes locals and tourists to its beaches all year round and its no secret that this vacation can be the most memorable beach holiday of your life. Enjoy the perfect tropical break in any one of the hundreds of secluded and gorgeous beaches all around Australia and you will never regret a second of it.

Beach Holiday in UK


UK is another country on the list with the most beautiful and popular beaches in the world. Not just one but so many of them that you can plan your whole trip around the country, exploring new and exotic places every day. Pelistry Bay is one of the most popular beaches in England. The therapeutic ocean wind, heavenly sandy beaches, palm trees and what not. It is enough to make you forget about all your worries and just relax on your beach holiday.

Beach Holiday in Italy


Italy is another country full of the most popular and beautiful tourist destinations and its beaches are one of them. The gorgeous beaches of Italy like Cala Goloritzé are one of the most photogenic destinations in the world. This one especially is also famous for its clear waters that is perfect for snorkelling as well. The soft sand beach, limestone cliffs and the heavenly ocean air will make you want to stay on your beach holiday forever.

Summer Holiday in Hawaii


Hawaii is the ultimate beach holiday destination visited by millions of people every year. If you’re looking for the ideal location to visit and leave all your stress and worries behind, Hawaii should be your go-to place. There are a countless number of things that you can do which includes visiting divine beaches, deep sea diving, snorkelling, laying back in top of the line resorts, and what not. There is no specific beach that is considered the “best” but the whole island is thought of as the holy grail of beaches of the world.

The Maldives Beaches Holiday


The Maldives are the epitome of beauty and elegance and are the perfect destination for couples looking for a soothing getaway. The white sand beaches with tropical vegetation and popular resorts are exactly what you need on a vacation away from your busy life. Whether you want to dive in the clear waters or just sit by the shore relaxing in the sun, these beaches are perfect for everything. Make sure to plan your trip right to avoid the rainy season. Hulhumale Beach is the most famous one of all the beaches in the Maldives and tourists are always pouring in to enjoy the natural beauty of it.

Beach Holiday in Brazil


Brazil is very famous around the world for the most beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro and not to mention the incredibly hospitable people of the area as well. Most of these beaches are located right beside roads so they are very easily accessible. You will find top of the line resorts and hotels their to enjoy your leisure time as well. Whether you want to enjoy a game of volleyball or go shopping for gifts to take back home, these beaches will give you everything you need for your beach holiday.

Beach Holiday in Greece


It might come as a shock to some people that Greece has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Greece is considered a very ancient country which is why the first thing that might come to your mind with the mention of Greece is old buildings and remains. But it is so much more than that. The country has so many places with gorgeous scenic views that will take your breath away. Same is the case with the beaches in Greece. Quite relaxing days and vibrant nightlife is the speciality of beaches in Greece and makes for the perfect beach holiday. Santorini beach it the most famous beach in Greece that is popular for its views, hikes, tours, wine, and food.

The world is full of wonderful and amazing places to visit and the most extraordinary beaches as well. If we start to extend this list it could go on and on. OMG blog has many more tips for you to help you out while planning the perfect vacation for you and your family. One thing you must remember is to plan your trip while keeping in mind the weather and season of the destination so that you can make the most out of your trip.

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