Ayurvedic Cough Syrup for Curing Cough

Ayurvedic Cough Syrup for Curing Cough

Torex syrup

Ever had an irritating cough? Almost everyone’s answer to this question will be ‘Yes’. Sometimes while breathing, one feels irritation in the throat which causes discomfort and hinders the breathing process. In such a situation, coughing occurs as a reflex action to smoothen the airflow in the throat. Sometimes, coughing also occurs when there is an abnormality in swallowing food or drinking water. These types of coughs are natural and not at all harmful. Instead, they are an effective mechanism used by the body to ensure safety from any injury. But what about a cough that stretches over days or even weeks in some cases. These types of coughs require medical assistance at the earliest possible. Such type of cough not only damages your lungs and throat but may also indicate an underlying disease. Most of the acute coughing problems occur due to the negligence of a person in taking up treatment for the common cold from a certified doctor. This is where the Torex syrup helps by providing a hundred percent natural, Ayurvedic and safe to use by all age groups which is easily accessible and affordable for all people.

Ayurvedic companies wish to bring about a healthcare revolution through inspiring R&D while employing the latest technology. The Ayurvedic companies build themselves intending to provide impeccable quality, constantly innovating new and better methods of producing and delivering medicines affordable to everyone. Looking at the products, one of the most important ones in the present scenario is herbal cough syrup. Herbal cough syrup is used to provide relief from cough and is formulated from Ayurvedic ingredients. It contains as many as twenty special herbs chosen for the specific purpose providing relief to the throat. The herbal cough syrup can work its magic against various types of cough by clearing the airways and eliminating the mucus that blocks the said pathways.

Each drop of herbal cough syrup includes—

  • Tulsi: It helps in mucus mobilization which further helps in suppressing the cough. It provides healthy immune response modulation and early recovery from breathing problems. All these benefits have been backed by modern science.
  • Banafsha: It helps in the removal of excess mucus, and reduces inflammation.
  • TalisPatra: It acts as an anti-bacterial agent and its leaves provide relief from sneezing, chest congestion, and involuntary throat spasms.
  • Pippali: It rejuvenates the lungs and strengthens the circulations to the lungs.
  • Yashtimadhu: Helps in soothing the throat as well as the pharynx, boosts the immune system, and fights against allergenic reactions.
  • Kantikari: It is highly antitussive which provides relief from cough.
  • Draksha: It is effective in treating breathlessness.
  • Madhu: Honey is a natural remedy against coughs.

All the above-mentioned ingredients are included in the cough syrup Torex.

One can easily buy cough syrup from offline as well as from online stores. Various home remedies like doing gargles with warm water, having tea with ginger, avoiding exposure to dust and pollution, and having proper sleep are also recommended to cure cough.

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