All you need to know about Covid 19

All you need to know about Covid 19


Coronavirus COVID 19 is a word no new for anyone conscious of his environment. Causing and affecting thousands across the globe has made us read about this menace.

What is Covid 19?

Covid 19 is a newly identified virus that was first reported on 31st December 2019 in the busiest metropolitan area in china that is Wuhan. It is an acute form of respiratory disorder or an alleviated form of pneumonia whose aetiology is unknown. If you have ever been a biology student you must be intrigued about knowing the structure of this disease. Generally, a virus is an infectious agent that needs a living cell organism to replicate itself other than that it remains as an independent particle. The genetic structure of it is protected by a lipid layer when dead and diminishes as soon as the genetic information is transferred into another living cell. A virus mutates the host cell by disturbing the genetic structure of the host and replicating its own virtually trying to control over the organism. Specifically, Coronavirus Covid 19 is a large family of single stranded RNA and has a spike glycoprotein on its envelope.


What Covid 19 does to your body?


Covid 19 has all the potential to dysfunction the innate immune system of the host that is infected with it.  Patients suffering from this covid 19 have been known to have fever, malaise, dry cough, and Dyspnea. Chest  (CT) scans of the patients  showed pneumonia with abnormal findings in all cases.

Coronavirus spreads by touching a contaminated surface and then transmitted to your face or by simply inhaling it from the atmosphere. The symptoms of covid 19 appear in five days on average when the virus has affected the respiratory tract and converted the lungs into corona virus factories by rapidly replicating it’s form using your own body cells. Very likely other viruses trigger the body’s immune system in response to which you carry a fever and aches. But what unlikely is that covid 19 abnormally irritates the immune response causing an uncontrollable inflammation throughout the body. Due to the imbalance of our immune system and excess inflammation the body reaches to multiple organ failures as it inflated not only lungs but kidneys and other organs crucial to life. This eventually makes the basic exchange of oxygen difficult for the body. However this is the climax of the disease which a few percentage experiences but as a whole is affecting the population because the vaccine is not yet created.

Why is the Coronavirus worth all your attention?

The coronavirus has all the eyes on it because of the global suppression it has brought with it. Has affected 809,260 people across the globe causing 39,563 deaths which is an alarming situation across all the countries. From super powers to third world countries, from financial hubs to less crowded countries, from religious to no non-religious regions every region of the world is affected. Here is the map showing covid 19 hard knocks:


RED COUNTRIES have 100 or more confirmed cases
BEIGE COUNTRIES have fewer than 100 cases

The intangible truth about COVID 19

The highly committed grooving world is swept away by just a turn of nature. A mere fraction of a contagious genetic composure has put everyone in the same row. Have we ever stopped and noticed why the world is supposed to be the way it is right now? When brutality rules the streets of the oppressed and bloodshed runs through the roads of innocents, nature itself aggravates and agonizes in the misery of those facing the atrocities. Today the under privileged are the ones who are the least affected and the ones who talk highly of themselves are terribly suffering. Of what use are the nuclear arsenals, the space findings, the economic hegemony and the scientific advancements?


The world was busy in the arms race and competing with each other for hegemony but they forgot that nature is devoid of these servile bands. When it reaches out it acceleration the iron castles of the mighty powers. The Gaza strip has been in an apparent quarantine from the rest of the world since more than half a century and nobody knows who kills who but hospitals are flooded with innocent lives and even the children schools are barbarically bombed for the reasons they themselves are unaware of, the kashmiris have been in a permanent lock down since this generation is conscious. Also we’ve seen proxies in which the third world is toppled savagely only for the material gains of global giants. In the current blood soaked world there still lies an ignorant population that needs to wake up for the rights of humanity. Consider this a wake-up call for the ones who are luxuriously pursuing their lives forgetting the reason they have been here for.

Ashes of the world!

There are a lot of prophecies and also conspiracy theories regarding the year 2020. Some of them state that the globe will change it’s poles may it be regarding social interactions & behaviours  and may they be regarding a big power shift. Right now the foremost priority is surviving itself and all of this must be in our heads for our own soul awakening.

The generic changes COVID 19 has brought to our planet

Apart from the atrocities there are some very minute positive and generic changes in the world; the world is shifting to orthodox methodologies, eating more organic, staying in our homes consuming less energy is aiding to the betterment of the ozone layer.

Old ozone layer in comparison to 2020 ozone layer

5 ways to nullify the spread of COVID 19

Despite the absence of a declared vaccine or treatment to covid 19 there are some precautionary measures we can take to nullify the effect of it. The disease spreads through the particles produced through the sputum of the patient when he sneezes or coughs. To prevent this;

  • Frequent hand washing is recommended before and after leaving your house. Pocket hand sanitizers are the key to it. Sanitize again and again if the washing facility is not available. Also wear disposable gloves while going outdoors.
  • We often ignore the need of disinfecting the groceries we bring from the market. Keeping in mind the widespread of the disease it can be present anywhere. The coronavirus stays on cardboard for 24 hours and up to three days on plastic and stainless steel. On returning from the outdoor environment not only disinfect and clean yourself but also the items that can be washed and disinfect the rest of the items with disinfection sprays and sterilizers. 
  • Ignore any social interaction and any visitors at this stage of the pandemic. Stay away from hospitals for minor health issues to avoid contamination.
  • Stay away from even suspected individuals. If you notice any covid 19 symptoms to your household better shift the family member to another isolated room or call the emergency line if serious symptoms provoke.