About Us


About us- ”From our hearts to yours, we have all the ingredients for a funky groovy life – with a dash of class” !

An Insight into our Vision

A combined effort of two passionate writers, Farheen and Ambreen, OMG Blog has everything to help you through any aspect of life. Whether you’re having a fashion emergency or just looking for a strand of motivation, we promise to give you a helping hand in every situation. Our blog is a combination of multiple categories where we will help you learn different things and explore new and exciting places. 

We believe that everyone experiences life in a very different way and somehow all of us can help each other through many things in life. We learn so much at every step of the way and if we can share our experiences with others, it might make their way somewhat easier. With this thought in mind and with the motivation to make the journey of life better for people like us.