About Us


About us- ”From our hearts to yours, we have all the ingredients for a funky groovy life – with a dash of class” !

An Insight into our Vision

A combined effort of two passionate writers, Farheen and Ambreen, OMG Blog has everything to help you through any aspect of life. Whether you’re having a fashion emergency or just looking for a strand of motivation, we promise to give you a helping hand in every situation. Our blog is a combination of multiple categories where we will help you learn different things and explore new and exciting places. 

We believe that everyone experiences life in a very different way and somehow all of us can help each other through many things in life. We learn so much at every step of the way and if we can share our experiences with others, it might make their way somewhat easier. With this thought in mind and with the motivation to make the journey of life better for people like us, we started this blog to share titbits about a variety of subjects that includes Fashion, Lifestyle, Motivation, Travel, and Art.

Each of the categories mentioned above covers a wide range of topics. Helping you through different times of crises, lifting you up in your darkest times, and giving you the motivation to spread your wings and explore the world around you. Let us introduce you to these categories one by one and tell you all about what we aim to send your way with goodwill and positive vibes only.


The fashion industry keeps growing every year with trends coming in and out with the pace of a bullet. This sometimes leaves young girls confused about which trends to follow and which ones to leave hanging. We promise to guide you through your self-grooming journey to become a stylish and modest woman with all the latest fashion information on the tips of your fingers.


Some people might think that a lifestyle starts with the selection of furniture for your house and ends with where to shop for your groceries. But in fact, lifestyle is so much more than just that. It is your whole life! From what you eat, how you sleep, to your whole belief system; everything adds on to your lifestyle. We are here to guide you through every level of your life so you never have to doubt anything again.


Sometimes in life, it gets really difficult to even get out of bed. Your energy is drained and you want nothing but to hide away from the world. Such dark times can become even darker when you are unable to talk to someone about your problems or get help. Our motivation blog aims to provide you assistance through the times of crises in life. To give you the energy and inspiration you need to start all over again, be better ad do better. 


Connecting with nature can do wonders for both your soul and your body. There comes a time when you just need to pack your bags and go on a trip or a holiday to unwind and get the energy for a new chapter of life. Our travel guide will tell you all about the trending vacation spots where you can go alone or with your family to leave the stress of life behind. If you’re a traveller who loves exploring new places, this blog will give you all the information you will need to pick your next adventure spot. 


Art enthusiasts are often found complaining about how most people have stopped appreciating true forms or arts and crafts. We wish to rebuild mankind’s connection with historical and contemporary art. Our blogs will cover all different topics about the history of art, different forms of arts, and much more.

Stay tuned and we promise to give you an experience that you will never forget with our fresh titbits from almost all aspects of life and the passion with which we deliver it. Happy reading!