A Complete Guide for Lab Grown Black Diamond Jewellery

A Complete Guide for Lab Grown Black Diamond Jewellery

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Welcome to our guide on lab-grown black diamonds jewellery, where we’ll provide you with all the essential information. Discover what lab-grown black diamonds are, and explore the advantages of the stunning Lab Grown Black Diamonds. Additionally, we’ll point you to the 4Cs, which are the popular lab-grown black diamond jewellery styles and cleaning of the stone. This guide will help you know everything about lab-grown black diamonds.

So, firstly let’s dive into the concept of Lab Grown Black Diamonds.

What are Lab-Grown Black Diamonds?

Lab Grown Black Diamond is becoming popular these days due to its ethical sourcing, uniqueness, and affordability compared to natural black diamonds.

Lab Grown Black Diamonds (alternatively referred to as lab-created black diamonds or man-made black diamonds) are those black diamonds that are created in a controlled laboratory environment. They have the same chemical and physical properties just like natural black diamonds.

The Lab Grown Black Diamonds get their stunning black colour through the treatment processes such as HPHT (high-pressure high-temperature), this process helps to achieve the fascinating black colour but in the beginning, they are typically colourless or near colourless.

Advantages of Lab-Grown Black Diamonds

• Colour: The Colour of a Lab Grown Black Diamond is the most important factor. Black diamonds should have a rich fancy black colour with no visible grey or brown hues. The Lab Grown Black Diamond gets its colour from radiation and they have better diamond colour than the natural ones.

• One significant advantage of choosing lab-grown black diamonds is their cost, which can be up to 40% lower than natural black diamonds. They are the best affordable alternative.

• Opting for lab-grown black diamonds offers an ethical advantage as they are environmentally friendly. Isn’t it feel good when you know that your jewellery purchase didn’t contribute to harmful mining practices, making them a more sustainable and Eco-friendly choice.

• Lab-Grown black diamonds have the same physical properties as natural diamonds, which states that they both are durable and hard. With a hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale, black diamonds are best for everyday wear as they are highly resistant to scratches and chips.

• Last but not least, Lab-grown black diamonds can be cut in numerous shapes, making them a perfect option for different jewellery designs. Lab-grown black diamonds add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to any piece of jewellery due to its captivating black colour.

4Cs of Lab-Grown Black Diamonds

Lab Grown Black Diamonds are assessed majorly on the 4 characteristics – CUT, colour, CLARITY, and CARAT WEIGHT. Before buying a Lab Grown Black Diamond you should always take a look at the 4cs of the gemstone as these characteristics directly contribute to the physical and chemical composition of the gemstone.

• Cut: The Cut of a Lab Grown Black Diamond doesn’t only refer to the shape of the stone, the facets and the precision of the cut of stone. A well-cut lab-grown black diamond will reflect beautifully, enhancing its overall appearance.

• Clarity: Clarity refers to the presence or absence of internal or external flaws (inclusions and blemishes) in the diamond. When we talk about lab-grown black diamonds, clarity is generally considered less critical since they are naturally opaque. However, black diamonds with fewer inclusions or blemishes are typically more valuable.

• Carat Weight: Carat weight is a measure of the diamond’s size and weight. One carat is equivalent to 200 milligrams. Lab-grown black diamonds, like natural diamonds, are measured in carats, and larger carat weight simultaneously increases the cost of the gemstone.

Lab-Grown Black Diamond Jewellery Styles

The Lab Grown Black Diamond jewellery has  become the center of attraction due to its edgy charm, considerable durability and affordability making this gem highly sought-after in the jewellery world.

And with the rising popularity of black jewellery, the classic Lab Grown Black Diamond jewellery surely seems to be having its moment of fame.

Let’s dive right into the popular jewellery style of Lab Grown Black Diamond:

Lab Grown Black Diamond Earrings

The Lab Grown Black Diamond Earrings are a brilliant pair to update your evening looks with their mesmerizing charm. Dazzle as you like while flaunting these Black Stone Earrings for Women with your casual and party attire. Leave everyone flabbergasted when you wear the different styles of earrings such as studs, dangle, or hoops at special events.

Lab Grown Black Diamond Rings

Lab Grown Black Diamond Rings are for those women who want to look edgy and stand out from the crowd. It’s pretty fantastic. Try them on by stacking with other rings or wearing a solitaire, halo, or vintage-inspired ring, you’ll steal the spotlight.

Nowadays, couples are choosing to be more environmentally conscious, by opting for their ideal Lab Grown Black Diamond Engagement Ring. We think this Unique and Eco-friendly factor would stand up over time!

Lab Grown Black Diamond Necklaces

Drape your neck in a captivating look by wearing the amazing Lab Grown Black Diamond Necklace. Go ahead, and pair it with your OOTD to upgrade your overall look.

Or you can simply style the necklace with a pair of Black Diamond Earrings as it will surely create a visual impact wherever you go.

Lab Grown Black Diamond Bracelets

Experience the elegance of a distinctive, sleek, and fashionable Lab Grown Black Diamond Bracelet. Whether you seek the ideal accessory for formal occasions or casual outfits, the black diamond bracelet is the perfect fit for your jewellery collection.

Cleaning and Care

Lab Grown Black Diamonds are as strong and durable as Natural Black Diamonds. Still, we need to take care of the gem exactly as we do for black diamonds. So, here are some tips to clean and care for your lab-grown black diamond jewellery.

• Proper Storage: You must store your lab-grown black diamond jewellery in a separate jewellery box or an individual soft cloth pouch. If not stored separately, the lab-grown black diamond will cause damage to your other jewellery pieces.

• Avoid Harsh Chemicals: If you want to maintain the shine of your lab-grown black diamond then, you should avoid using bleach or any other harsh chemical while cleaning your jewellery pieces.

• Cleaning: For cleaning your jewellery, gently clean it with warm soapy water and a soft-bristled brush. Then dry it off and dab it with lint-free cloth.

• Avoid Rapid Temperature Changes: Avoid exposing your jewellery to rapid high temperatures that might affect your gemstone’s colour and luster.

• Remove while doing Household Chores: Don’t wear your black diamond jewellery while doing household chores or some kind of strenuous physical activity.

• Don’t use Steam or Ultrasonic Cleaners: We recommend you that don’t use steam or ultrasonic cleaners to clean your gemstone; they can eventually damage your stone due to the intense heat involved in the process.

• Professional Checkup: It’s important to get your lab-grown black diamond jewellery professionally cleaned and checked within every six months.

Parting Thoughts

In this blog, we have tried to answer every aspect of the question that comes into the mind of a person before buying Lab-Grown Black Diamond Jewellery. Firstly what are their advantages, 4Cs, popular jewellery styles and last but not least how to take care of your lab-grown black diamond.

Now the main question arises, where to find lab-grown black diamond jewellery?

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1- How can I distinguish between a lab-grown black diamond and a natural black diamond?

It’s quite difficult to differentiate between a lab-grown black diamond and a natural black diamond as the chemical and physical properties of both are some. But a natural black diamond is mined from the earth.

2- Are lab-grown black diamonds more affordable than natural black diamonds?

Absolutely! Lab-grown black diamonds can typically cost 50 to 70% less than the natural ones, due to the mining expenses and it’s a time-consuming process.

3- Are lab-grown black diamonds eco-friendly?

Yes, lab-grown black diamonds are more eco-friendly than natural ones. Since they don’t involve mining activities. Choosing lab-grown diamonds can contribute to sustainable and ethical practices in the jewellery industry.

4- Do lab-grown black diamonds have inclusions?

As lab-grown black diamonds are created in a controlled laboratory environment. There can be some inclusions but you still can’t see that inclusion or blemishes to a naked eye.

5- Can lab-grown black diamonds be used in engagement rings?

Definitely YES! Lab-grown black diamond has been gaining a lot of popularity these days due to its striking colour and appearance. Additionally, they are eco-friendly too.

6- Can lab-grown black diamonds be customized for jewellery designs?

Yes, lab-grown black diamonds can be customized for jewellery design. You can simply customize your jewellery according to your preference and style to give your jewellery a personalized touch.

7- Will lab-grown black diamonds lose their colour over time?

No, the colour of your black diamond will remain the same either it be a lab-grown black diamond or a natural black diamond. As long as you keep it properly cleaned the colour of the stone will never fade away by the time.