9 Reasons for choosing bamboo furniture

9 Reasons for choosing bamboo furniture

bamboo furniture

Bamboo has always been a popular building material. However, since the beginning of industrial society, bamboo has been used less and less. In recent years, environmentalists have recognised bamboo as a good environmental material and have called on industry to use it as a raw material. Based on this recognition, bamboo construction and bamboo industrial products are becoming more and more common, and even many mechanical products use bamboo instead of steel and plastic. 

1. Health benefits.

Bamboo furniture is environmentally friendly furniture? The characteristics of bamboo furniture are obvious, it is not only no chemical pollution, is purely environmentally friendly furniture, and the ability to absorb heat, can always maintain a cool original colour. The new bamboo furniture currently made maintains the unique texture of bamboo, and the use of special glue on the bonding is to protect the furniture from the dangers of using formaldehyde on the human body, which is beneficial to human health. There are also many tips for choosing healthy and environmentally friendly furniture.

2. Stylish design.

The closest thing to people’s skin is bamboo furniture, which today has a very modern and stylish design. As a material for making furniture, bamboo is elegant and warm in a noble way, blending contemporary charm with natural simplicity, and has become a high-end fashion consumer product.


3. Suitable for multiple scenes.

Some furniture brands, such as Sogeshome, design their bamboo furniture with various scenarios in mind, such as Bamboo Ladder Shelf, which can be placed in the living room with various small objects to decorate the living room, and bamboo  Hanging Rack, which can be hung with clothes and are very beautiful, especially for rustic home decoration environments.

4. Comfortable to use.

The natural grain is warm in winter and cool in summer. Bamboo furniture, among other things, bamboo artificial board width, deformation is small, wear-resistant, and can be adjusted according to the use of the requirements of the board structure and size, become an effective way to bamboo instead of wood.

Bamboo furniture also has the following characteristics: one is warm in winter and cool in summer, due to the natural characteristics of bamboo, its moisture absorption, heat absorption properties than other wood, so in the hot summer sitting on it, cool and absorb sweat; winter is a warm feeling. Secondly, it is environmentally friendly, as bamboo can become timber in three to four years and can be regenerated after felling, which makes it a quality alternative material for the deteriorating environment and the low stock of natural forests. Thirdly, the original natural pattern of bamboo is maintained, bringing a rustic and classical feeling.

5. Affordable.

Bamboo furniture due to sufficient raw materials, low cost, coupled with careful design, in the global lack of wood resources, environmental protection calls are increasingly high today, bamboo due to the short growth cycle, raw materials are sufficient to advocate environmental protection people as a new choice of fashion home.

6. Environmental protection.

Bamboo furniture is purely natural and pollution-free, environmentally friendly and healthy, comfortable and cool in summer, with a fresh and pleasant colour and bright eyes. Bamboo furniture is also made with a special environmentally friendly glue, which is not harmful to the human body.

7. Smell.

The incorporation of bamboo furniture in the living room provides comfort and coolness in summer and is eye-catching and refreshing in winter. Bamboo also has the property of absorbing heat and humidity, which brings us physical and psychological pleasure on hot summer days and cold winters.

8. Good sound insulation.

Why is bamboo said to be bright and clear? The unique colour and material of bamboo furniture has an unknown effect: it absorbs ultraviolet light and protects our eyes and skin. Bamboo is also very soundproof, giving us a space to cultivate our bodies and minds.

9. Processing methods.

Bamboo furniture is sold after a hydrothermal carbonisation process during the production process, so that the finished product is well closed and can effectively prevent insects and mould. Compared to wooden furniture, bamboo furniture is tough, even if it is small, it is not worse than large solid wood furniture bearing capacity. In this way, bamboo furniture can be designed to be lighter in appearance, thus better reflecting the rigidity and beauty of the bamboo material.

10. Easy to clean

Unlike other materials, which require skillful cleaning methods, bamboo furniture only needs to be wiped down with a dry towel to prevent it from being used for a long time in a dry and ventilated environment.