9 Amazing Cake Box Ideas using Custom Kraft Boxes

9 Amazing Cake Box Ideas using Custom Kraft Boxes

Custom kraft packaging boxes have been a huge trend in the bakery industry for a few years now. Custom kraft boxes are much more durable than traditional cardboard cake boxes and can withstand moisture better. These kraft custom kraft packaging boxes are perfect for your emerging bakery business! 

The kraft packaging industry is booming, and we want to show you some of the best kraft box ideas for your bakery. The custom kraft boxes are a great way to differentiate from the competition. They have many benefits, including they’re in America, they’re cost-effective, and more! We hope that this blog will be helpful for you as you grow your business!

This blog post is going to explain 9 Amazing Cake Box Ideas using Custom Kraft Boxes. This will be followed up with what custom kraft packaging has to offer your company and where you can buy these amazing custom kraft packages for your products!

As cakes are present on every occasion, the only appropriate way to keep them safe is by having premium quality cake boxes. From birthdays and weddings to anniversaries or bridal showers- so many other festivals too! Custom box packaging has an important role when it comes down to this type of celebration as well since cupcakes, muffins, and pastries also fall under the category of “cake.”

Mini Cake Tray Style Boxes

When it comes to cake presentation, these custom boxes are two in one. First, the tray is transformed into a box that uses a lid on top for an additional seal, and another interesting feature they have is being able to be used for both full cakes as well as pastries with their clear plastic tops providing extra protection from dirt or unwanted guests.

These custom kraft packaging are one of our newest additions to the bakery industry, and they can accommodate a variety of products from cakes, pies, muffins, cupcakes, or even cinnamon rolls! They have been on trend for quite some time now since their simplistic designs make them perfect for any occasion that you may need them for as well as being environmentally friendly.

Tier Cake Boxes

Wedding cakes are a special type of cake, and as such, they need to be boxed in custom boxes. Tier is one popular way for doing so because it has the ability to pack large wedding cakes without compromising their shape or taste due to its unique design.

There’s not just one kind of cake – there’s many! But if you’re looking for that special flavor, then look no further than our wide variety of iced sugar cookies- we have six flavors made with high-quality ingredients, including butter, eggs, vanilla extract (optional), and confectioners’ sugar.

Personalized Custom Box Packaging

One of the many benefits that come with choosing to buy cake boxes wholesale is that you’ll be able to easily and effectively advertise your brand in a competitive market. As an example, one way this can happen is if we decide on personalized packaging for our products (such as custom printed cake boxes).

This will help us increase interest from potential customers because it creates more contact points between them and our product information – two advantages out of one box! Besides promoting ourselves, there are other ways these customized packages have proven helpful too: at trade shows, they’re excellent for displaying various desserts or pastries while also protecting delicate ingredients like chocolate.

Cup Cake Boxes

Tiny cakes are known as cupcakes. These sweet treats, with tasty toppings on top, come in a variety of flavors and sizes to fit any occasion or need. Custom boxes for these delicious confections make them even more inviting!

From eye-catching colors to create shapes like flowers and caterpillars – you’re sure to find the perfect box here. Ordering your own custom packaging is easy; simply contact us today if you want some ideas about what’s possible when it comes time for party favors!

Gable Custom Cake Boxes

Mini cakes, cupcakes, and muffins are all the rage these days. That’s why we offer our customers cute gable-style cake boxes wholesale with four-panel openings for wide opening that makes it easy to box up your goodies! The best part is when you close those flaps, they become a handle on top of the package, so carrying them around will be much easier; not only does this save time, but it also saves paper bags too!

Domed Cake Boxes

Customers love our dome-shaped cake boxes wholesale because they were designed with your needs in mind – not only do these Kraft boxes come flat-packed, but we’ve also included an insert that makes it easy to assemble without glue or tape (which will save time!) These domed kraft-style packaging pieces include five panels and a bottom panel that’s taller than those found on standard kugel kraft cake boxes.

The best part is when you close those flaps, they become a handle on top of the package, so carrying them around will be much easier; not only does this save time, but it also saves paper bags too!

Bake-N-Go Cake Boxes

Also, we offer bake and go kraft style packaging for our customers who are looking to serve their sweet creations at events without having to worry about transporting delicate desserts in kugel kraft or Styrofoam containers – all your hard work won’t end up crumpled after sitting in the back seat of an SUV because these custom Kraft boxes can simply slide into any type of bag and then carried like groceries from the store to home effortlessly!

Custom Printed Cake Boxes

Customized cake boxes are the way to go when you want your delicacy to be both eye-catching and scrumptious. But how can we make those unattractive cardboard containers more appealing? Printing is key! We offer a multitude of ways for printing custom cake boxes with names or wishes on them.  Such as weddings and birthday parties themed around superheroes like Batman, Elsa…etc., personalized in any pattern imaginable from polka dots all over to hearts just below the frosting. Customize these cute little treats at our online shop today!

Pastry Slice Boxes

Pastries are a delicious delicacy in the field of pastry and confectionaries. For this reason, they have different packaging requirements than other products like pies or cakes. Fortunately for us, there is an invention that will solve these problems: The Pie-Slice Cake Box! This box looks very attractive on many occasions, such as weddings and birthday parties, because it provides easy access to serve cake slices without having them all fall out at once onto plates.


From birthday cakes to wedding cakes, there is a custom box manufactures for any occasion. We’ve given you 9 amazing ideas that will help you in your search for the perfect packaging solution. Whether it be an anniversary celebration or just a day with friends and family. These boxes will make sure your cake arrives safely and beautifully every time! If you have questions about how our company can provide customized Kraft paper boxes at affordable prices, contact us today!