7 Tactics For Marketing Using TikTok

7 Tactics For Marketing Using TikTok


To achieve success in your marketing, you should do catchy and attractive campaigns to grab the audience’s attention. You can utilize TikTok for marketing to develop your brand growth. TikTok is a social media platform with higher user engagement than other social media platforms. It is because videos play a pivotal role in digital marketing. Research users’ interests and post videos accordingly so that it brings more views to your content. You can check the views count of your post using the tiktok views counter to know your brand’s reach. This article is on the tactics to be followed in marketing using TikTok.

Create Pro Account

You can use a pro account rather than a regular TikTok account. A pro account is nothing but a business account. To create a pro account, follow these steps:

  • Open the TikTok app and then click on the Privacy and Setting tab.
  • Then Tap on the Manage account and select the Switch to Pro account.

Thus you can change your account to a professional account. 

Follow Trendy Music

TikTok is always related to trends, so you should follow the trend for marketing your products. It is one of the best ways to campaign and gain the audience’s attention. All age categories will involve their interest in your post when you use the trend as a supporting tool in TikTok. For example, you can create a video with trendy music related to your brand and post it on your business account. If they avoid your video by chance, the sound will grab the user’s attention and make it unskippable. You can utilize the TikTok library to choose a trendy tune for your video and read the instructions before use.

Influencer Marketing

Marketing involves different strategies, among which influencer marketing plays a vital role. Influencer marketing is a strategy of digital marketing where they get a payout for a brand’s promotion. The payout will be in the form of cashback, discounts, or free products. In addition, influencers will participate in the campaigns and make your brand familiar to the audience. To further progress, you should first conduct a pre-meeting section with the influencers and ask about their interest in promoting your brand. Next, you can start the video shoot and post it on your business account. Then check your brand’s reach by viewing the follower count, likes and views, etc. 

Post Using Fun Contents

All generations of people like fun a lot while scrolling through TikTok. So, try to create fun-oriented content for marketing your brand. It will reach the audience much faster than various other ways. So, utilize this strategy of fun in your post. Implementing this format will increase your follower count and views counts at an incredible speed and gain you more profit.

Post Consistently 

You can’t gain the audience’s attention by posting videos consistently without delay. However, posting consistently will make the audience visit your account frequently, and it will maintain a good relationship with them and your brand. You should post at least once a day. It will be easy to gain attention from the user’s side and help your brand withstand other competitors if you do so. Also, concentrate on the descriptions of your post to write the contents that are related to your brand. The descriptions should include the keywords which are essential for your brand growth. Make a short and sweet description that should be catchy to the users. You can get more likes for your post by typing a clear description. You can also check the likes count using the tiktok likes counter to know if your post went viral. This strategy undoubtedly helps you to achieve success in your marketing using TikTok.

Original Content

First and foremost, you can create unique videos using your own ideas and thoughts. This type of video will fall under the original content category. Then, write your script and create a video and post. Later on, check the count of your followers and the comments on your post. If needed changes in the count, then change the writing strategy or else leave it.

Utilize Ads

It is easy to advertise on TikTok nowadays because there are so many types of ads that help you gain the audience’s attention for your brand on TikTok.

  • Top-Viewed Ads:

These ads capture users’ attention and appear at the top when you open TikTok. It will help you to grow your brand awareness to the people and can be 60 seconds long.

  • In-Feed Ads:

It is the standard format of ads in TikTok. It allows you to embed a video ad and auto display it in the form you feed. It extends up to 60 seconds and looks like a native one.

  • Brand Take Over Ads:

You will be able to see these ads when you open the TikTok app initially. These are known as brand take-over ads. In addition, you can include GIFs, images, and video clips that link to the page on which you want to land.


TikTok is in the top rank of marketing, so you can utilize it to gain the audience’s attention and make your brand reach huge success. Moreover, you can also gain many followers, likes, and comments for your post on TikTok. You can check the count of your followers using the tiktokcounter to know your brand reach.