6 Best Outdoor Subscription Boxes to Fuel up Your Adventures

6 Best Outdoor Subscription Boxes to Fuel up Your Adventures

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Hiking and camping are great fun and offer a great way to escape from the stresses of daily life. However, trekking to the highest peaks requires skills and proper equipment. The best way to prepare for outdoor vacations is to subscribe to outdoor subscription boxes. They’ll save you the hassle of separating quality gear from the cheap stuff when planning outdoor events.

Today, there are a growing number of monthly adventure subscription boxes. These boxes give you perfectly timed seasonal tools and gear right to your door in time for planning that trip. This article sheds light on the best hiking and outdoor subscription boxes if you want to explore your wild side.


Battlbox is the best subscription box for outdoors in 2022 delivering survival, EDC, and epic outdoor gear to your door. They send a monthly collection of outdoor gear and accessories, including camping supplies, emergency tools, and preparedness gadgets. For example, you’ll get items such as flashlights, knives, compasses, and fire starters.

Battlbox prepares you for the harsh conditions of the outdoor by their monthly field-tested and hand-selected items. It is the most advanced subscription service for anyone prepping for outdoor survival. The best thing about Battlbox is that subscribers receive several subscription boxes with backpacks, camping gear, and smaller supplies for outdoor adventures.

This monthly service delivers subscription boxes that target avid outdoorsman that leans towards survival and EDC gear. There are four packages: basic, advanced, pro, and pro-plus plans. Each plan is uniquely designed to meet the varying needs and experiences of the subscriber. The basic plan starts at $29.99 per month and includes essentials like emergency supplies, survival manuals, and other critical tools.


Crate Club

This is one of the best subscription boxes for every person who loves outdoor adventure. It’s a tactical survival box that features premier military-grade gear and accessories hand-picked by USMC special-ops. The package provides high-quality member-exclusive items, online tutorials, and tips on surviving in the wild.

Crate Club has boxes for different activities and needs, catering for outdoor enthusiasts of all levels. They focus on survival and tactical gear, including a fire starter, knife, and multi-tools.

The subscription for this box starts at $34.99 per month. You’ll get three packages with distinct features and items to match your outdoor experience. After subscribing, you receive survival, tactical and outdoor gear monthly or quarterly.



This subscription box has tons of goodies and treats for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. It’s an outdoor subscription box for both men and women that send small gear items, accessories, and snacks to use while exploring nature. Each delivery focuses on a theme, usually a hero item accompanied by small accessories. You can get customized items if you show your activity preference in your account. The standard box drops a monthly delivery of 3 to 6 Outdoor Products.

Cairn is available from $27.45 a month and has a quarterly subscription option, so you can choose a plan that fits you.


If you want to get premium outdoor gear every month delivered right to your door, this box is perfect for you. It’s a lifestyle subscription box for anyone who loves excellent outdoor adventures. Whether you are an avid outdoor person or a beginner, the Nomadik subscription box will help you hit the trail in style.

The Nomadik subscription starts from $29.99 per month. Each box has innovative gear from premium brands alongside a month in the outdoor challenge. You also get savvy tips, bucket list ideas, and hacks to make your outdoor trip smoother.

Hiker Crate

Whether you’re a casual or serious hiker, you’ll love this subscription box that specializes in outdoor adventure. Hiker Crate is one of the affordable subscription boxes available on the market. Every month you will get a fabulous box with high-quality and useful hiking gear, gadgets, and snacks tailored for your hiking needs.

This subscription box offers between five and eight items every month. You’ll only need to provide information such as your shoe and shirt size, and they will curate a box for you.

Hiker Crate


The subscription box comes with five products to help your camping and hiking adventure. It targets men who love exploring the wild by providing camping gear and outdoor supplies every month. You’ll get $50 worth of gear, including knives, flashlights, bottle openers, and toothpaste packaged in a tidy cardboard box.

When you subscribe to KinderBox, you’ll get tips on how to survive in the wild, such as when you’re stuck in the desert. It’s available from $30 per month, where you receive items worth more than $50.

Alpha Outpost

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If you want to take your outdoor experience a notch higher, subscribe to the Alpha Outpost. They send between 8 and 12 times each month centered on a different story and theme to help you adapt to different outdoor situations. The subscription box will enhance your outdoor survival skills.

When you subscribe to Alpha Outpost, you’ll receive supplies and gear dedicated to your survival and preparedness every month. You can choose from various monthly boxes that focus on specific areas of expertise.


Bottom line

Adventure trips and vacations are thrilling and fun-filled experiences if you prepare well. Recently, subscription boxes have become popular, providing products for outdoor adventures. The boxes can spark your inner wanderlust and help you enjoy some outdoor adventure this year. Subscribe to one of these best subscription boxes to eliminate the guesswork.