5 Tips to Practice Right Body Posture

5 Tips to Practice Right Body Posture

Practice Right Body Posture

Health is important and many things can determine your risk of suffering from different health problems. The problem can lie in your eating habits, your lifestyle practices, sometimes in your genes in case of family diseases. However, a part of health problems comes from occupational causes. 

People who are athletes or have similar occupations have an increased risk of suffering from sports injuries. In contrast, people who are sitting for long hours in front of desktop screens are more likely to suffer from postural problems and sometimes vision issues. Poor body posture is however an important concern. 

Living in a world where technology is ruling our lives, we are more likely to suffer from the health troubles that come from spending hours in front of computer screens. Poor body posture is not only the cause of consistent back and neck pain but can result in bigger problems if it stays for weeks or months. I remember my colleague who used to suffer from a back problem went to Al Razi Hospital for treatment after ignoring the problem for years. His problem was severe to an extent that he ultimately had to quit the job. 

Proper body posture is important for our overall health in many ways and can add a significant impact. Though we are less likely to pay attention to this, proper body posture affects different parameters of your overall health. Many things can be responsible for bad posture, from your occupational choice to your body weight, all of these add a significant impact. 

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Tips for Body Posture Correction

You can already understand how important body posture can be and how drastically it can affect your overall health. If you are wondering what you can do to fix your body posture, you don’t need to put too much effort into this. I have got your back and you can make the right posture possible with just a little effort. Here I am sharing a few tips from my experience that can help you fix your body posture without putting in too much effort. 

1- Choose a right office chair

This is one thing we are not willing to pay attention to and raise our voice for but you know that the choice of the right office chair is important. If your workplace furniture isn’t back-friendly, it significantly increases your risk of suffering from back pain problems. Make sure the chair you are sitting on is supportive of your back. Even if you continue to work after office hours, then it is better to invest in a good working desk and chair for your at-home workstation,

2- Pay attention to your sitting posture

You may need to sit for long hours but if you are sitting without paying attention to your sitting posture, then it can be the reason that you are suffering from back pain problems. Every time you feel like you are sitting with your neck down and back bent immediately sit straight. No matter how many times you have to correct it, do it without giving a second thought because this will ultimately help you to develop a habit and after weeks or months you will develop a correct sitting posture.

3-Invest in a standing desk

If you have a desk job, it’s not mandatory that you have to sit at a desk all the time. Standing desks come as a favorable option in this regard and you can easily invest in a standing desk. This will enable you to do your screen work while standing and will ultimately minimize the side effects of prolonged sitting. You can choose a standing desk according to your requirements and can find many of these in the market. You can shop them on Up Down Desk, and get lots of options depending on your budget. However, it is important to keep the considerations in mind before investing in a standing desk and make your investment worth it,.

4- Take movement breaks

Many people who are supposed to attend their screens come up with the excuse that they don’t get enough time to become physically active. However, you can still make it possible. No matter how many work hours you have to spend in front of the screen you can still ensure movement whenever possible. 

Even if you get hours or minutes in between your work, utilize this time to walk or move. You can plan out your lunch break strategically and spend a part of your break by going for a walk. These in-between movement sessions can’t completely eliminate the impacts of poor body posture but can still minimize the impacts. You can stretch during break time or can also manage to have a pre or post-work routine to keep your spine healthy.

5- Have reminders

It is quite possible that you have these things in your mind but often ends up forgetting in between the work. This is quite natural especially if you don’t pay attention to these postural adjustments in routine, you can find it difficult to adopt these changes suddenly. You can depend upon your mobile reminders for this. There are different apps that can remind you to correct your posture over time. Do this for weeks until this becomes your habit and you start practicing the right posture effortlessly. 

Bottom Line!

Posture is important no matter what walk of life you belong to. Maintaining good body posture is thought to be essential for your overall back and spine health. Good body posture keeps many of your health problems at bay and ensures a healthy spine. Your body posture is important especially if you are suffering from spine or back health problems or are overweight. Right posture not only keeps your body healthy but enables you to deal with many spine health problems in advance. 

You can start correcting your posture with these simple tips before it starts affecting your spine health. Postural corrections come with micro habits that are relatively easier, to begin with. Your body posture is important especially if you are suffering from spine or back health problems or are overweight. You can practice postural adjustments to prevent problems that can negatively affect your spine health.

Written by
Rex Baker