5 Beauty Habits to Adopt While Working from Home

5 Beauty Habits to Adopt While Working from Home

Beauty Habits

Many things have changed since the pandemic hit. Whether work, travel, entertainment, or leisure, new practices have developed. The lockdown has done away with daily commuting. Work from home has become a global trend for freelancers and top-end managers.

Pampering your hair, skin, and self-grooming may seem challenging and unmanageable at home. With salon visits limited because of the pandemic constraints, you can still look attractive and cheerful by following some essential habits. Here are some simple beauty and self-care practices to slot in your WFH timetable.

Look After Your Hands And Feet

Remote workers have to manage many tasks in a day to prove their work consistency when operating from home. Since desk-bound female staff may not commute regularly, they may overlook hands and feet grooming. Applying moisturizing creams and getting best gel nail polish can enhance your hand presentation, but they can’t take off the bacteria growth in your nails.

Get into the habit of DIY nails and at-home manicures. Apply cuticle oil to moisturize dry skin or massage a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil around each nail. Buff your finger and toenails regularly to avoid ridges and make them look more youthful. Never miss applying a base coat as it hydrates, protects nails, and prevents chipping. Treat your nail care like skincare to make your at-home manicure and pedicure look like a salon job.

Drink More Water And Fluids

Drink More Water And Fluids

Staying awake at work can be difficult, especially in WFH circumstances. Feeling tired at work can harm productivity and performance. Many workers drink cups of coffee to keep the body active and energized. But it can increase dependency and cause insomnia and restlessness. Excess caffeine can harm your body’s glucose levels and other health aspects.

Increase your water intake for hydration, well-being, and clearer and radiant skin throughout the day. Start your day by drinking 2-3 glasses of lukewarm water to keep your skin toxin-free. Drink water-infused beverages like lemon water and green tea to flush body toxins. In winters, drink turmeric water regularly to brighten your skin tone and slow down the aging process. Keep eating water-rich foods like cucumber and melon for better water absorption. Aim to drink 2 liters of water every day to speed up your body metabolism and response.

Keep Your Face, Body, And Scalp Moisturized

5 Beauty Habits

We like to spend most of the time during the lockdown in front of the screens. This can leave our face and body looking dry, like in winters. Indoor air is drier than outdoor air. This can play chaos with your skin, make it look dehydrated, and cause premature aging and wrinkles.

Plan consistent efforts to nourish your face and body each day. Take the help of moisturizing creams and body oils for well-treated and nourished skin. Apply CBD body lotions, creams, and shampoos to strengthen and moisturize skin and hair. Give yourself a regular face massage to up your circulation and get healthier and brighter skin. Consider dabbing face and hair serum to lock in moisture. Try natural oils and lotions for a pampering effect with no side effects. Consult a skin dermatologist from time to time for skin maintenance.

De-Stress By Changing Lifestyle Habits

Lifestyle Habits

The pandemic commotion has affected the physical and mental health of many people. Isolation and depression have caused more agitation in working professionals and homemakers. Dry skin and fine lines make WFH employees more susceptible to face dullness and dehydration. It affects self-beauty and personality in the long run.

Take up de-stressing activities each day, such as house gardening or caring for pets. Listen to the music of your choice, try cooking a new recipe, read a comic book, think of new techniques to save the environment, join a social cause, or help the needy. Start your day with yoga or meditation and step out in the morning for a jog or walk to attract positive vibes. Remember to laugh daily as it boosts blood circulation and gets your face glow back.

Reward Yourself


You naturally think of a reward or recognition when you do a good job. Plan out activities that will make you feel proud of yourself and develop your external appearance. Make yourself a pot of fresh coffee, browse the fashion and beauty websites for the latest picks in clothing, handbags, makeup, or jewelry. Order your favorite chocolate via monthly subscription boxes or get yourself a gift you had kept pending for a long.

Reward your work from home ambiance by investing in plants and décor items to keep your charge going—space out time to relax and enjoy without sacrificing your productivity or satisfaction. If you have just started your WFH, give yourself time to create a near-perfect system and change.

Closing Thoughts

It may look easy to work all day and night without stopping. Take convenient breaks in the morning or evening to focus on yourself. Pick a bold lip color or dress to feel great in. Try a new makeup or fashion accessory like layered jewelry to make you feel fabulous. Such beauty tactics will keep you happy inside and outside in your desk jobs.