5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Standing Table Desks

5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Standing Table Desks

At this age, we all have a desk job that requires us to be seated at one place for hours. This comes with its own adverse consequences to your health as well as lifestyle. People who spend a lot of time doing a desk job have a higher risk of developing severe pain in the knees and legs. Not just that, but you’re more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes. But is there something that you can do to curb this?

With the increasing awareness, a lot of companies have started using standing table desks to encourage some activity amid the mundane 9 to 5. A standing table desk is an adaptable solution that will not exhaust the people and keep them productive and active throughout the day. Know some major health benefits that a standing table desk can offer.

It reduces back pain

Lower back pain is the most common condition that people experience while working on desks. In this condition apart from aching backs people also feel stressed, anxious, and depressed both physically and psychologically which results in decreased productivity that adversely affects an individual’s working capacity. The adjustable desks allow the person to be comfortable and change the position as per their convenience. This reduces upper back pain and neck pain by as much as 54% within 4- weeks.

It increases productivity

An adjustable work desk serves comfort to the person, keeps his mind refreshed and productive, and allows him to contribute better. The better a person contributes in a day, the better it gets in the week, month, and year which results in the quick progress of the organization.

It engages the employees

It creates a flexible working environment which can also be called an adjustable height workstation that attracts and retains employees and keeps them engaged with their work. Having engaged and motivated employees makes the work environment creative, productive and motivates employees to stick around for longer.

It improves overall mood and talent

It positively influences the overall well-being of the person. In one of the proven studies in the US, participants using standing desks reported less stress and fatigue. 87% of those using standing desks were highly energetic ever at the end of the day. These findings denote that sedentary time badly affects mental health and increases the chances of both depression and anxiety.

It lowers the risk of heart disease

The concept of a standing table desk was inspired by bus conductors. A study found that bus conductors who stood all day were less prone to heart-related diseases than their colleagues in the driver’s seat. Scientists discovered a greater understanding of the effects of sitting on heart health. The prolonged time of sitting increases the risk by 147%. It proved that spending more time on the feet is beneficial for heart health and also protects from type 2 diabetes.

It reduces the risk of weight gain and obesity

Exercise is the most efficient way to burn calories, but choosing to stand simply without any physical movement is also a good way to keep your body active which is one of the benefits of the standing desk. Research shows when compared to sedentary work an equal amount of time spent standing has been shown to burn over 170 additional calories. The more you stand, the more calories you burn. The caloric difference could be a reason why sitting for long intervals is linked to obesity and metabolic disease.

This is how an adjustable work desk can make your work life easier. So, if you wish to add one or a set of desks to your organization, then The Designer Office is here to help you.