4 Tricks Tips to Boost Your Instagram Stories Game

4 Tricks Tips to Boost Your Instagram Stories Game

Instagram Stories Game

Instagram is where you should be. The rapid expansion of the social media platform gives businesses almost unlimited opportunities. While Instagram is easy to use, Instagram Stories are challenging for the majority of business users. This is why we’ve compiled several Instagram Stories tips & tricks. We hope you find them useful!

The platform is conscious of the professional options available to marketers and recently added helpful analytics features. With a business account, you are now able to view the number of Instagram Stories’ views, interactions with your followers, or create ads. In the US Brands can now sell their goods and services directly through the app. It’s just a matter of how long before we will be able to use the feature across Europe. How can you be ahead of the pack and establish a solid Instagram presence? The process of creating Instagram Stories and showing off some of the personal sides of your business will definitely assist you with the latter.

Videos are a great source of information. By posting video content to Instagram it is possible to:

  • Drive customer engagement
  • Display your service or product in motion
  • Contact your clients

Producing high-quality and engaging videos can be time-consuming. Luckily, Instagram is trying to simplify the lives of marketers of content. You can now plan your content in advance. This means you’ll not just be able to post on weekends but also will have more time to work on your Stories campaign. There are companies that excel in the Instagram Stories game. They have developed a sound Instagram strategy and witnessed a rise in their followers and revenues. Check out their plans!

1. Lufthansa Reaching Out to New Customers

Lufthansa recently was faced with an enormous challenge: how can it reach new travellers? The company wanted to appeal to customers who were travelling on budget airlines and create an image that reflects the traditional airline services. They came up with an Instagram content campaign that captivated millennials.

Airhansa passenger plane flying

Along together with the cameramen of Vice together, they made mini-documentaries that feature young people. Musicians, actors, and crew members from Lufthansa created Instagram Stories. They all travelled to destinations that inspire them to improve their lives. They shared their experiences on the Lufthansa account.

What did Instagram Stories help? Lufthansa reported a 14,8 per cent increase in brand engagement in its core target market while 25% of the brand-sceptics altered their views due to the campaign. The campaign created an emotional bond that made Lufthansa more relatable and appealing to the younger generation.

Technique 1: Show them how your product will enrich their lives. Lufthansa did not focus on baggage or ticket costs, but rather on the value that travelling can bring.

2. Kino Nowe Horyzonty, a new film company, is providing Fans with a laugh

Kino Nowe Horyzonty is an off-screen movie housed within Wroclaw, Poland. It’s an excellent illustration of how you can in your Instagram Stories game when you are on a budget.  So, the purpose of the videos was to demonstrate that independent cinemas aren’t solely about films that address difficult issues. And Also, it’s a place to have a blast.

Cinema’s Instagram Stories trick is to show short clips from various films. furthermore, then add funny captions for each. To promote New Year’s Eve the company posted an instructional dance video that was a scene taken from an old Spanish film.

Trick 2: Increase your target audience by buying Instagram followers Sweden and boost your company perspective. Display more personalized images. Create a story with a cliffhanger and your viewers will be enticed to view every single one of them.

3. L’Oreal keeping it Classy

When it is about Instagram it’s all about photos. Keep in mind that you are able to upload any image into Instagram Stories. Because that basically means you are able to edit your images using any graphic program before posting it. You can develop an identical aesthetic for your profile pictures.

Eye shadow palette and make-up brush shadow paletty

And If you’re seeking inspiration, look no further than our L’Oreal account. The French cosmetics manufacturer creates sophisticated flat lays that are accompanied by typography. Instagram’s Instagram stories are easily identifiable and can help increase brand recognition. The company is aware of who its intended audience is and what kind of pictures and videos will pique. Their curiosity about the brand

Trick 3: Always remember to maintain your personal style and consistency. In addition, Instagram Stories is an essential component of your brand’s online, and it should be consistent. With the other channels.

4. Wool and the Gang Knitting and Teaching

However, Anyone interested in arts and crafts is likely acquainted with Wool as well as The Gang. It’s a British company that sells knitting kits. It uses Instagram stories to showcase its instructional videos. It’s an interesting illustration of how to divide content on different platforms. Besides, The videos on YouTube are longer and more detailed.

As Instagram Stories run for just fifteen seconds each, the stories have an entirely different goal. Wool and the Gang reveals only the basic gist of their offering. In the end, if the essentials are presented in only one story Knitting shouldn’t be difficult. Trick 4: A short tutorials can be a great idea. Make sure that you show your potential customers how easy it is for them to utilize your product and you may convince the undecided customers to buy.

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Choose the Right Hashtags

Instagram is a social network that has paved the way for the use of hashtags. So, Utilizing some tricks and tips is something, because picking the most relevant hashtags as your needs is quite different. Luckily, you don’t need to complete all the research on your own; we’ve had you covered! With a bit of help from Brand24 and Brand24, you can build a list of the top popular hashtag on twitter within a certain subject.

This video provides great strategies for finding the most popular (trending) hashtags for growing the reach of your Instagram account:

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In the wizard for creating your project, input the hashtag or keyword that you want to centre on your hashtags. You can type in your company’s name, your industry name, product. Competitor’s name or any other subject you can think of.

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