4 Stages of Addiction

4 Stages of Addiction

4 Stages of Addiction

Addiction is a disorder either you fall for it unintentionally or when you keep taking any prescription medicine for a long time. There is a great chance of developing an addiction because development takes time and gradually spreads its roots in the body. It means that addiction can occur whether it begins as fun or keeps yourself relaxed; it will turn out as lethal. Everyone should know about the development and levels of addiction. It will help prevent and treat it.

There are usually four fundamental stages which we are discussing below:

The first Stage of Addiction is Experimentation:

Experimentation is said to be the initial stage or the initial reason, the basic cause of addiction. There are some common scenarios we observed in our society. We see that most of the time, it’s someone from our circle, either family or friends, who refer us to use it for fun or assist in something. The person who is now exposed to the drug may leave it after using one time, but there is a presence of equal chance that the person may continue the use and become an addict. Sometimes it is about gatherings and peer pressure where drugs are used by people present there and to make yourself a part or to feel included, especially when it comes to youth or gatherings of young people, everyone trying to be cool and using it, not only keeping cool to themselves they keep involving others in this too.

Another scenario is when people start advising others to use anti-depressants or painkillers without a prescription, and the person finds relaxation, so they get addicted.

The second Level of Addiction is Regular Use and Misuse:

In this stage, the initial use starts getting permanent. The drug that was first used for fun is now a part of daily routine, and a day without intake is now becoming worst and restless. They stay restless and frustrated until they get their dose. It is now a lifestyle they adapt once as fun or anti-stress. A drug used as anti-stress or anti-depressants is now the main cause of causing restlessness. Not only this, but they also abide by all other enjoyment and its sources and become the only source of entertainment. It will lead to extreme frustration and mood swings, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, uncontrollable body movements, major depression, and much more.

The third Stage is Reliability and Being Dependent on Drugs:

As a result of daily use, the dependency progress, physiology, and psychology both aspects of the body start relying on drugs. Once the body becomes dependant, it stops working without dose intake. The nervous system won’t naturally release the chemicals but wait for the foreign agents to come and release them. A situation that they could manage and tackle easily becomes unable to cope with. Ibogaine clinics in Mexico

The dependency will lead to decrease tolerance which affects the behavior in many ways. Most of the income started going in vain, and the necessities got ignored. The basic obligations got neglected, and carelessness towards important things was reduced. As a result of social interactions, people dealing, and close relationships and friendships begin to suffer.


Upon Reaching the Stage 4, Person is Now Caught by Complete Addiction

At this stage, a person now has no control over their desire. They can’t restrict themselves from the use of the drug. Nothing can stop them either ruined relationships or friendship can stop them, disturbed sleep schedules and ruined meal routines lead to the worst health conditions. The economic conditions also get worst because of misuse of income.

Final Words

Since now you know what addiction is, how it spread, and become a lifestyle, you must know how to reject the first hand offering you ay drug either to assist or for fun. You should never use any medication without a prescription. You should keep a check on your circle and never compromise on health for the sake of society and peer pressure because till you’re healthy, you have everything. For addiction treatment please check Tijuana recovery center