13 Ways to Stay on Budget while Decorating Your New Home

13 Ways to Stay on Budget while Decorating Your New Home

Decorating Your New Home

Every time we move to the new house, our budget can be tight, and it is tempting to go all out decorating. It ‘sit’s every home buyer’s dream to find a house with all the amenities, including an updated kitchen and spacious backyard. But buyers often underestimate how much it will cost to make these dreams come true. The truth is that people usually spend more on other ways than they budget for because they are drawn in by new decorating trends or want their homes to look like something out of a magazine. 

Luckily, there are some ways you can stay on budget while still getting your dream home: 

1) Invest in Durable Items

Buy quality items that won’t need replacing soon after purchase – this includes furniture, area rugs, appliances, and any other big-ticket item you may buy when moving to a new place. If you buy items that have a short life span, you will spend a lot more in the long run.

While buying durable items may cost more upfront, it will save you money in the long run. Investing a few hundred dollars on items that last longer can help keep your budget manageable and make living at home feel like a luxurious experience rather than one of scrimping to get by.

2) Cosmetic Upgrades

Consider if cosmetic upgrades such as painting walls or reupholstering couches are on your schedule, these can be done with a relatively low cost up-front. It is a budgeted task that will bring new life to your space without the need to spend a lot of time and money on overhauls.

3) Chose Low-Cost Options

Paint colors and styles can be chosen from several low-cost options, or you may decide to pick your paint based on how long it will last. Acrylic paints are relatively inexpensive, but they need more frequent touch ups than oil-based paints, which tend to dry faster and stay fresh longer. Moreover, Choosing oil-based paint may be the best option for your budget.

4) Go for Basic Furniture

It’s important to consider if you will be looking for new furniture or just getting the basics. With either option, your furnishings must be durable enough to last years while taking minimalistic care in order not to break your budget with expensive repairs later down the line. To keep costs down when furnishing your home is sticking with basic furniture pieces and accenting them as needed.

A beautifully upholstered sofa may tempt you, but going for the more affordable leather or cotton material will allow you to purchase other necessary items–like chairs, tables, lamps–without going over your budget.

5) Comfortable Sofa

Use a comfortable sofa as the centerpiece of the living room instead of an expensive, upholstered one. It should be large enough to accommodate guests and serve as another seating area when hosting parties or watching TV with friends and family members. Choose the fabric that is easy to clean, durable (ideal for families), and matches your room and other furnishings.

The basic step to saving money is knowing what you can live without, such as a gorgeous sofa that’s too expensive for the average home decor budget. Consider a less expensive alternative for your living space instead of going overboard with spending on an upholstered couch when leather or cotton fabrics are more affordable options with similar durability and style.

6) Re-Dye the Old Rugs

Redying old rugs give it a new life. If you have old oriental rugs that are starting to show their age, you can re-dye them using a simple rug dye kit. This will give your rugs and new lease on life without having to purchase expensive new ones. Also, these rugs with proper care and maintenance can last for years.

7) Buy Wicker Furniture

wicker is an affordable and eco-friendly material that can be an environmentally friendly alternative to other woods. Wicker furniture is both lightweight and durable, as well as easy to clean with soap and water. They are perfect for both indoor as well as outdoor. You can find wicker furniture in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles.

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about maintaining them as they are resistant to dust and dirt. They also won’t crack or splinter over time which means there’s no need for added care like other wood types require.

8) DIY is the Key

DIY lets your creativity flow, and you can be as creative as you want to. It is a great way for those who love artsy crafts, too! Plenty of do-it-yourself projects can transform an ordinary object into something extraordinary. You can paint an old furniture item like a dresser or a chair. Also, paint a dresser with stencils or nail polish to give it a completely new look. Check Pinterest to find amazing DIY projects to take on.

9) Crochet Accessories

If you have crochet skills, this is the perfect way to save money on your home decor. You can purchase inexpensive yarn at any craft store or even make your own with cotton thread from a fabric shop like Joann Fabrics! Crochet simple things such as dishcloths that are easy to wash in the machine or get more complicated, like a throw, and then take it with you when you move.

10) Plants are Inexpensive

Plants are an inexpensive and creative way to add life and color to your new home. Pick up a few from the grocery store, or even better, plant some in pots around your house! Keep plants in every part of your home, from the living room to your bedroom. Place a few plant pots outside the window and also on the terrace.

11) Bookshelves are Great addition

Bookshelves can be found for cheap at any home store. You don’t have to get too fancy with them either – just put in some books! Using different shelves or even stacking up more than one shelf per side is an easy way to add interest.

12) Outdoor Space to Maximize the Room 

Your home may not have much space for an indoor living room, but you can use the outdoor space as one! Look into adding seating and tables outdoors that would work just like any other area inside your home – it’s easy and cost-effective.

13) Use the Ceiling Creatively

The ceiling can be a great way to add high contrast or texture. Consider adding an inexpensive mirror, painting with bold colors, or even hanging tapestries to get some design interest on your ceiling without having to worry too much about costs!

Summing Up

The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on furnishings for your new home. However, it can also feel like an easy way out when you don’t invest in the pieces that will make your house come alive and reflect who you are as an individual. There are plenty of ways to save money while still decorating with style! One great option is RugKnots; they offer durable and affordable rugs that won’t break the bank. You’llYou’ll love their huge selection and variety of sizes too! What budget-friendly tips have you tried?