11 tools to buy if you’re serious about DIY

11 tools to buy if you’re serious about DIY


Thinking about dabbling in DIY? There are many advantages to being able to perform home décor tasks yourself, but you will need to invest in the right tools before you can get started. 

The advantages of DIY

The main benefit of doing your own home improvements is that it is significantly more cost-effective than hiring a professional. While some jobs will remain outside of your skillset and should be left to an expert, there are many tasks that can be tackled independently to save you money.

DIY also gives you more flexibility than relying on the services of a professional. You have complete freedom with when to put your home improvement plans in place and how long they take to finish. It also gives you more opportunity for personalisation as you can make design changes as you go. 

It is not just practical advantages that come with DIY. The process of performing your own home upgrades is fun and fulfilling with many opportunities to learn and develop new skills. Many enthusiasts say that it is beneficial for their mental health as well as a great physical challenge.  

Tools you will need

Hand tools

  • Utility knife – used to cut through many materials from paper and cardboard to plastic
  • Screwdrivers – both flathead and Phillips styles will be needed to fit all types of screws
  • Hand saw – choose between hand saws designed for woodwork or metal
  • Hammer – used to tap in and remove nails from walls and wood
  • Adjustable wrench – a versatile tool that can be modified to fit nuts and bolts of all sizes 
  • Measuring tape – easily forgotten but an essential piece of kit for all projects

Power tools

Safety equipment is also paramount for performing DIY tasks in the home. Invest in safety goggles to protect your eyes and a pair of special gloves that safeguard against cuts without limiting your grip. You should also look into getting a mask as well for respiratory protection.

Popular DIY projects to try

Refreshing cabinets

Cabinet refacing is an easy way to give your rooms an instant lift in a short space of time. With your tools you will find it easy to remove the original doors and drawer fronts and refit the replacements. 

Adding more storage

Your home will always benefit from having more storage, especially if you’re in a smaller property. Popular storage solutions for you to try include installing floating shelves and baskets on the wall, adding hooks in key spots such as by the door and above the kitchen worktop, and mounting bulky or heavy items.