10 Trending Instagram reels ideas to go viral in 2023

10 Trending Instagram reels ideas to go viral in 2023

Trending Instagram reels ideas to go viral

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms that rule the digital world. People capture and share their memorable moments of their lives on Instagram. With the introduction of the Instagram Reels feature, it has become much easier to share these moments in a more creative and entertaining way. Here are the 10 trending Instagram Reels ideas to go viral in 2023:

1. Twist in the plot

When it comes to making reels, the best way to gain more reach and go viral is to be unique in your content. One of the most trending forms of reels nowadays includes storytelling with a twist in the plot. Try to use captivating imagery and narratives which are imaginative along with a plot twist to grab the viewer’s attention from the beginning to the end of the entire video. In this way you can touch the hearts and emotions of your target audience and viewers which will eventually lead to more user engagement.

2. Showcase your Personality

Authenticity plays a vital role when it comes to creating video content. The main reason behind being authentic is to build a loyal follower base. In order to build trust between you and your audience, you need to humanize your brand first. Try to showcase your own personality with the help of humor, a little bit of wit and of course try to post relatable content. You can easily grow yourself on Instagram if your audience found your content to be relatable. This will help you to have high user engagement.

3. Follow the trend

The best way to viral your videos and grow rapidly on Instagram is to capitalize on the Trends. Try to always keep yourself updated about the latest trends that are dominating the Instagram platform and getting viral rapidly. Capitalizing on these opportunities and adding some own creativity to them will really help you to grab the audience attention very easily. Participate in different trending challenges that are going viral on Instagram. This will help you to increase the chances of your reels getting discovered by a wider group of audience from all around the globe. Eventually, it will help you to grow your social presence on instagram.

4. Influencer collaboration

If you want to grow on Instagram, you need to expand the audience reach of your reels. One of the easiest and the simplest ways to expand your audience reach and find a wider section of people on Instagram is to collaborate with influencers. Try to collaborate with influencers who share the same niche as your brand or with your content. Since they are already famous and they have a well-established audience base, your reel will get exposed to a newer section of audience, eventually leading to more user engagement in your account. You can collaborate with Instagram trending feature Live stream people are most active and like to watch their influencer going live. You can talk with other famous influencers to join you in the live stream it will help you to grow more fans and reach a wider audience as well. If you want to make your stream more popular you can buy IG Live views and with the help of paid viewership, you can make yourself look more famous.

5. Appropriate music

When it comes to making reels, one has to always pay great attention to the music used in that video. Music and sound effects really affect the reach of an Instagram reel. Try to use catchy and trending music that are going viral on Instagram as it will help your reel to reach a wider section of audience throughout the world. Adding sound effects to your reels makes them more entertaining and soulful. It has been clearly observed that people tends to share your content more if they finds the audio experience really great.

6. Day in the Life videos

If you want to stand out yourself from others in this very competitive market, try to create “Day in the Life” videos. These types of reels are highly interactive and engaging. Try to create your content as much funny, relatable and natural as possible so that your audience can share your content more easily with others. People usually show a lot of interest in the daily lives of influencers, so such type of reels will gain a lot of views and high user engagements. Try to be natural and realistic because that’s what people prefer more.

7. Visual effects

Creativity matters a lot when it comes to making reels. There are several ways to make your reel look fascinating and highly entertaining. One of these ways includes adding visual effects to your Instagram reel videos. Visual effects make your videos more spicy and attention grabbing. Explore different forms of visual effects and implement those which relates to your videos in a great way. Do not over use visual effects as it makes the videos more clumsy, try to be natural and use minimal video effects as possible.

8. BTS videos

Do you ever wonder what type of videos people mostly prefer to see on Instagram. To your knowledge, BTS or Behind the Scenes videos are on high demand because of their highly engaging and entertaining content. BTS videos allow you to showcase how you have made those reels and the funny moments and bloopers that have happened while shooting it. People love to see funny and natural content so these types of reels are widely popular all around the globe. These kind o videos allow you to find a true bond of connection between you and your audience, thereby helping you to grow your social presence on Instagram.

9. Instagram filters

Talking about Instagram reels, Instagram filters play a major role in making them look cooler. Filters add more spiciness and an additional layer of creativity to your content. They help you to create a particular theme for your Instagram reels which grabs the attention of your target audience. According to a study, implementation of Instagram filters on a post can increase the chances of it getting shared by 45 percent approximately.

10. Fan edits

Fan edits have become quite popular because of people’s craze for movies, shows and web series that are getting viral on the web. Try to create cool, entertaining, high quality fan edit Instagram Reel videos because people usually like to watch these types of content.