10 Tips To Have A Really Fun Road Trip

10 Tips To Have A Really Fun Road Trip


If you have ever experienced a road trip with friends then you know how much fun it can be. A non-stop hangout with friends along with a destination to look forward to is on the bucket list of every person. Sure travelling by train or by air also has its perks but nothing beats an old-fashioned bumpy fun ride. Roads trips with family can also be fun but they usually involve a lot of drama and fights as well which no one really looks forward to. But when its you and your buddies on the road, doing fun activities along the way and just chilling out, it is such a therapeutic experience that will always shine in your memory.

Today I am going to give you some tips that will make any road trip with your friends even more fun, exciting and memorable. OMG blog has many other travel tips for you so make sure to check them out as well. Lets begin this journey of making the most out of your road adventure.

Take Photos and Document on Your Road Trip

First thing’s first, if you are planning a fun road trip with your friends, you have to document it properly to make it a everlasting memory for all of you. For this purpose, you need a good camera and a small scrapbook or a diary.


You can use Polaroid camera to instantly start filling out the diary with all the fun things you do along with the pictures. Or you can make the entries in the scrapbook and then add the pictures later-on. Either way, it is a very fun activity that you all can do together, adding stickers and pictures and colourful notes and this way you can forever preserve your trip.

Play Games and Tell Jokes on Your Road Trip

Always look up different car games to play on the way. This way you will not get bored during the time and you can enjoy as well. You can also buy a small book of jokes from which you can read aloud from time to time and make everyone laugh.


Stock Up On Podcasts or Audio Books on Your Road Trip

If you guys are fond of listening to podcasts or audio books, it is a great way of passing some time during a long road trip. Some people might find it boring and you can always skip this part if that’s your case. But sometimes during long journeys, it is nice to spend some quite time listening to a book or podcast to re energise.


Create a Fun Playlist and Sing Along

Always download fun songs and make a cool playlist for the car ride. A mixture of new and old songs is always enjoyable especially when you have your friends to sing along with. This really helps in making the whole trip more cheerful and it builds up a lot of energy as well.

Pull Over on Road Trip For Small Fun Activities

When you sit idle in a car for a long time, your energy levels spike up quite often. Plan small activities on the way so you can pull over to let that energy out. It is nice to make small stops along the way to make the most out of your road trip. These activities can include picking flowers or fruits from a field, climbing roadside rocks, and other such activities that you find fun to do.


Search For Something Cool to Visit on The Way

During long road trips, things can get quite boring. I recommend that you search for some detours on your way. The world is full of so many interesting things to see and experience and there it is very likely that you will find something like that on your way as well. It can be a cheese factory, a vineyard, the “biggest” something, or anything that you might consider cool. It is a great way of blowing off some tiredness of being on the road for too long and it adds on to your list of things you have seen or done in life.

Stop to Admire Sunrises and Sunsets

Wherever you are planning to go by road, you will always come across beautiful scenic views. It can be a gorgeous hill, a lake, a meadow, or anything. If not any of those things, you will definitely come across a nice sunrise or sunset. Make sure you stop to admire and soak in the beauty of the sunrises and sunsets that you come across during your road trip. It can be a nice opportunity to take great pictures for your scrapbook as well.


Camp or Bonfire on The Way

If your trip is longer than a day or two, I suggest that you camp out for at least one night. If you don’t have the time to camp for a whole night, maybe just stop for a couple of hours for a nice bonfire under the stars. Pack the necessary stuff and fine a nice spot and I assure you, you will have the time of your life doing such a spontaneous bonfire or camping on your way.


Catch Up On The Gossips and Talks on Road Trip

As all of us are always quite busy with our lives, we always get left behind on what’s going on with our friends. Road trips are a great way of catching up on all the conversations and gossips that you don’t get time for in your routines.


Ditch the Technology

The last but a very important point is to ditch your devices. Turn your phones to silent and just focus on enjoying yourself. You can even use a paper map to make things more interesting. Trust me this will help you enjoy even more without being interrupted by anything else.


With tips mentioned above you will have the road trip that you and your friends will remember for the rest of your lives. The most important thing of all is to be with the people you love, having the time of your life and just living in the moment. You will find a lot more interesting tips on travel and other things on OMG blog. Have a fun and funky road trip!